The Broken Table

“The Broken Table” is a visually captivating and emotionally soothing experience that resonates deeply with the viewer. It encourages us to perceive “brokenness” not merely as something damaged or in need of repair or replacement.

Memory is a complex entity that cannot be easily divided or erased. While Alzheimer’s disease presents a nightmarish reality for those living with it, selective amnesia poses an even greater threat to the human consciousness. It can evoke intense emotions ranging from violence to despair and delirium. In the midst of fractured dementia and cognitive impairment, director Chintan Sarda’s recently released short film, “The Broken Table,” provides a healing perspective on the emotional struggles faced by individuals. The film stars Naseeruddin Shah and Rasika Dugal, and in its 23-minute duration, it sheds light on the limitations of conventional human responses to psychological crises caused by a lack of communication, clarity, and compassion in relationships.

The story revolves around Giridhar, also known as Giri, a retired lawyer in his 60s who is battling Alzheimer’s disease. Dugal portrays Deepti, an aspiring psychologist and caregiver who faces her own personal struggle as she grapples with the difficulty of revealing to her husband that she cannot conceive.

While the central message of the film appears to be one of self-acceptance – “Rule Number 1: Tum jaise bhi ho, kaafi ho” (the first rule is that no matter what you are, you’re always enough) – the film’s most powerful aspect lies in its portrayal of Alzheimer’s and Giri’s constant battle with memory. It takes precedence over everything else, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

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