In Hindu mythology there is a story of Ahalya. Once god indra gets attracted by a wife of a saint named Ahalya. Indra makes a plan and when saint was out of his abode, Indra enters saint house in disguised as the saint. He has sex with her and leaves. Later when the saint knows about the incident, he curses ‘Ahalya’ and turns her into a stone.

Many believe saint’s rage should have been against Indra, not Ahalya. Here is a modern take upon same story by Sujoy Ghosh starring legendary Soumitra Chatterjee, along with Radhika Apte.  Story of lust, seduction, deceit and punishment.



Who says life is short ? Ask Mr. Gulzar for him life is long and boring. Thats why, he loves short meaningful and sensible stories to watch along with his Chai-Sutta... Enjoy galore of hand picked short films by the veteran movie connoisseur.
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