A Cheat Day

“A Cheat Day”, starring “Four More Shots Please” fame actor Rajeev Siddhartha and “Neerja” fame actress Eisha A Chopra in the lead. Directed by Gautam Arora, who has received critical acclaim across national and international film festivals, the short film revolves around a conversation between two strangers Maya and Chirag, who happen to have a chance meeting at a bar.

A journey where two souls indulge in a conversation about relationships, open marriages and boundaries.
On one hand, Maya redefines the dynamics of the new-age relationships, while showing what true love and commitment really means. On the other hand, Chirag’s curiosity takes him on a crazy ride of conflicting emotions.

A fascinating take on the evolving nature of commitment and how modern couples define what’s ok and what’s not in a relationship, this movie focuses on the conversation between Maya and Chirag and how they lay bare both sides of this unconventional choice. Their fun filled, at times flirtatious and often testy banter puts the plot into context and brings forth a new perspective of what commitment could mean in a relationship. Just when you think Maya and Chirag have hit it off, the bittersweet ending of this movie that will surprise audiences with the depth of emotion it evokes.

Who says life is short ? Ask Mr. Gulzar for him life is long and boring. Thats why, he loves short meaningful and sensible stories to watch along with his Chai-Sutta... Enjoy galore of hand picked short films by the veteran movie connoisseur.
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