Ouch 2

The online release of “Ouch 2,” the sequel to the highly successful comedy film “Ouch” starring Manoj Bajapi, has generated significant buzz. Similar to its predecessor, this comical story revolves around an unfaithful man who considers himself the cleverest of all. Witness how far he can go in deceiving women with his skillfully crafted lies, until one day, he finds himself trapped by his own web of falsehoods.

The film features Sharman Joshi as Sudeep, Shefali Jariwala as Tanya, and Nidhi Bisht as Deepika. Directed by Vaibhav Mutha, this short film promises to deliver an entertaining experience.

Who says life is short ? Ask Mr. Gulzar for him life is long and boring. Thats why, he loves short meaningful and sensible stories to watch along with his Chai-Sutta... Enjoy galore of hand picked short films by the veteran movie connoisseur.
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