Double Shift

June 12, 2022

Major outsiders in Bollywood claim Luck is the reason they got their first break in the industry. In this story film, our hero gets a chance, but gets humiliated instead. He tries hard, but all he gets is failure. After doing a double shift job in a restaurant under a stone-hearted manager who never misses a chance to humiliate him, he finally understands. It’s not luck, but the hard work that makes one an actor. No one is born with this talent, but it takes lots of hard work to make one a good and successful actor.


Who says life is short ? Ask Mr. Gulzar for him life is long and boring. Thats why, he loves short meaningful and sensible stories to watch along with his Chai-Sutta... Enjoy galore of hand picked short films by the veteran movie connoisseur.
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