February 13, 2023

People want new love and drama stories, so a new wave of actors are taking over TV shows. Even though audiences are less likely to sit through presentations for long, the rise of new-age thinkers has undoubtedly helped by inspiring and entertaining audiences with their stories. However, news of a few new shows has been released as the new year gets underway. Following the popularity of Udaariyan and Swaran Ghar, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta launched Junooniyat for Colors TV under the Dreamiyata Entertainment banner.

Along with Neha Rana and Isha Malviya, the lead actors in the show are Ankit Gupta, best known for “Udaariyan,” and Gautam Vig, best known for “Bigg Boss 16.”. The first episode, which replaced Bigg Boss 16, debuted on February 13, 2023. A story about music and love, and what one can do for them, is found in Junooniyat.

The magic of music, according to some, is indescribable and serves as the human race’s universal language. Three aspiring and enthusiastic singers’ journeys are chronicled in “Junooniyatt,” a song that celebrates the pure power of music and love. Ankit Gupta, Gautam Singh Vig, and Neha Rana play the leading roles of aspiring musicians Jahaan, Jordan, and Elahi in the Punjab-based film. The program explores Punjab’s rich musical heritage and the wealth of local talent. The story of Elahi, Jahaan, and Jordan is told in Junooniyatt. Elahi, Jahaan, and Jordan each have different musical tastes, and as a result, their pursuit of the arts takes an unexpected turn when they cross paths. When their dreams collide, what happens? Can music mend their wounds and erase their flaws?

Teekhi Chachi the chirpy, loud and at times obnoxious gal pal is all about being couch potato. Be it romance drama or reality shows she loves to watch every episode twice, ooh... did I forget 'Saas Bahu' melodrama ?
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