Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani (2023)

Karan Johar’s latest release, “Rocky aur Rani ki prem kahani,” stays true to his signature storytelling style, presenting familiar elements of drama that have become synonymous with his films. The movie explores the theme of feminism, effectively highlighting the gender disparities in today’s society.

Drawing inspiration from his own past hits like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham,” as well as borrowing a significant subplot from Subhash Ghai’s “Saudagar,” “Rocky Rani” doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking in terms of originality or content. Nevertheless, it manages to be an engaging one-time watch, mainly due to the sizzling chemistry between the lead pair and some witty dialogues that bring a smile to your face.

The first half of the film shows promise, shedding light on important societal issues and the challenges faced by women, raising awareness about gender inequalities. This resonates well with the audience. However, the second half loses its grip, unnecessarily stretching the story and affecting the overall pacing.

One undeniable strength of the movie is the stellar performances by the talented cast. Jaya Bachchan shines in her portrayal of a negative character, displaying her versatility as an actress. Tota Roy Chowdhury’s dedication to learning Kathak dance for the film adds authenticity to his performance. Ranveer Singh fits the role of the carefree Rocky perfectly, almost appearing as an extension of himself. Alia Bhatt looks lovely in designer sarees and shares remarkable chemistry with her “Gully Boy” co-star. On the other hand, veterans like Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi are unfortunately underutilized, leaving much to be desired in their roles.

While music has always been Karan’s forte, “Rocky Rani” surprisingly falls short in this aspect, with only an average soundtrack. However, the old Hindi songs medley is well put together, offering a nostalgic touch. The production values are top-notch, and Karan’s knack for using foreign locations to depict Indian settings is evident once again, making the movie visually delightful.

The film could have benefited from some trimming, as it tends to drag at times, and one song could have been removed to improve the overall pacing. The editing is only average.

Despite its flaws, “Rocky aur Rani ki prem kahani” still manages to be a worthwhile watch, especially for fans of Karan Johar’s distinctive style. While it may not break new ground in storytelling, it effectively sheds light on important social issues, providing thought-provoking insights into the contrasting realities faced by men and women in modern society.

In conclusion, “Rocky aur Rani ki prem kahani” is a quintessential Karan Johar film, complete with all the expected drama. Its commendable focus on feminism and the compelling performances by the lead cast make it worth a watch. Though the second half’s pacing may falter, fans of the director and the lead actors will find plenty to enjoy in this cinematic offering.

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