Pathaan The Blockbuster Tsunami

For Pathaan to be successful, a number of factors had to align. The audience had to still have an interest in Shah Rukh Khan’s career after a decade of disappointment, the pre-release protests had to not impact the film, the unique marketing strategy had to be effective, and most importantly, the movie had to be good.

Luck seemed to be on Shah Rukh’s side as the film has now earned over Rs 650 crore worldwide before its second weekend. Pathaan was released on January 25 with the widest release ever for a Hindi movie and immediately began breaking box office records.

It’s uncommon for a Hindi film to have such an early 6 am start, but Pathaan met the demand of audiences by doing so. This was demonstrated by its record-breaking advance sales, surpassing all other Bollywood films. On its first day of release in India, Pathaan made Rs 55 crore from the Hindi versions, followed by Rs 68 crore on the second day (which was Republic Day), Rs 51 crore on the fourth day, Rs 58 crore on the fifth day, Rs 25 crore on the sixth day, Rs 22 crore on the seventh day, and approximately Rs 18 crore on the eighth day.

Here are all the major box office records that Pathaan has broken:

  • Biggest opening day for a Hindi film (65 Cr. + 2 Cr.-Other Languages)
  • Biggest opening weekend for a Hindi film ( Film grossed Rs 540 crore globally, in 5 Day Weekend)
  • Only Hindi film to make more than Rs 50 crore in a day, on four days
  • Only Hindi film to make Rs 70 crore in a day (Pathaan became the first Hindi movie to breach this mark, on day two of release, which also happened to be Republic Day.)
  • Fastest Hindi film to hit Rs 100 crore, Rs 200 crore, Rs 300 crore nett box office (The film achieved these milestones two days, four days, and six days, respectively.)
  • Biggest debut for Hindi film in North America
  • Highest-grossing opening day, single day and weekend for any Indian film in the UK ( $2.45 million at the UK box office in its opening weekend with No. 2 Spot)

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