Udan Patolas

June 12, 2022

The wannabe Amazon’s own ‘Four More Shots Please’, Udan Patola’s trailer looked promising with the “small town desi” element weaved into the story. Unfortunately, not all good script turns into good cinema, in this case, web series. An Indian adaptation of the Israeli series “Honey Badgers” falls completely flat with its non-cohesive script, OTT performances by the lead, and lackluster screenplay.

Four women hail from Punjab lands in Mumbai to work. Fiesty and with no filter, they speak their mind and try to enjoy their life to the fullest.

That’s the whole summary of the show. Instead of highlighting real-world challenges faced by small-town girls in the chic urban workplace, the show breezes over a superficial culture of working women in an urban world. The show is so far away from the reality that you never relate with the characters who have nothing to do but indulge in love affairs, break-ups, sex, roam on beaches, etc.

All Punjabi stereotypes are shown in the show. Most characters are loud and after some time becomes obnoxious. None of the lead characters impress you.

The show fails miserably even to become a time pass.

If its on OTT, Raven is always ready to binge on it and give his personal feedback regarding how good or bad is the show. Luckily we have saved lots of hours and trauma due to his strong and harsh feedback feedback.
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