Nikamma (2022)

Nikamma, the title itself clearly summarizes the movie. Copied almost frame to frame from Nani and Sai Pallavi starrer Telegu movie MCA, the movie lacks the charm of original actors. Starring Abhimanyu, Shilpa & Shirley, the movie is entirely lackluster.

Story of a good-for-nothing guy who has a problem with his IPS sister-in-law is given the task to look after her. To make situation more complicated, he falls in love with a cousin of his own sister-in-law.

The movie is a family comedy with few actions here and there. The script is wafer-thin, still, in Telugu, the movie managed to entertain the audience with Nani’s comedy timing and Sai’s warm and cheerful screen presence. Here neither Abhimanyu has the looks of Nani nor has learned the ropes of acting. He falls flat in the comedy scenes, as he has one toned stern appearance. The Youtube singing sensation Shirley has a lot to learn in terms of acting. The chemistry between the pair is completely cold. Even seasoned actress like Shilpa is wasted in the movie after Hungama 2.

In terms of music & choreography, none of the songs work, even the remix version of Nikamma is placed in the end credits.

The director Shabbir Khan is used to making south Indian movies xerox with no innovation and input from his side, Nikamma is one more example. Looking at the production quality and editing the movie seems to be made in a haste and a shoe string budget.

Better to give a pass.



Had there been no cinema, then this SharmaJiKaLadka would have died long ago. Out of food, sex and cinema this guy would always choose Cinema even if he would die virgin due to starvation.
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