Makers in quandary

June 7, 2022

Cinema is majorly considered as a form of art and entertainment. Actually, it evolved from an old street drama filled with humor, songs, and dances. Most makers still consider it to be just a form of entertainment, nothing more than that. Some even go to an extent to compare it to a good meal in a hotel. Its only task is to satisfy customers, take money, and get done.

“Khel Khattam, Paisa Hajam”

Recent releases in Indian cinema, be it Telugu (Sarkaru Vaari Paata), Hindi (Samrat Prithiviraj), or Tamil (Beast), are clear examples of the same. Bahubaali worked, so copy and make Prithiviraj on the same canvas as Bahubaali. Spend on VFX, that’s it. Audiences will flock into theaters to watch it. After all, Avatar is still the highest grossing film in Hollywood, while Babhubaali in Indian Cinema. The producers had no idea who this Prithiviraj was ?

Then there is Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata, where the actor and makers are still stuck in the early 2000s “masala” entertainer formula. Cute but punchy guy meets another cute lady in distress, falls in love, introduces criminal for hero to fight against, and add a dash of fast number item song near the climax, full on action in the climax. More than 50% of Telugu and Tamil cinema still has the same formula, just with actors and their personal style changes.

Bollywood is currently at a crossroads after numerous flops in recent times. “Masala Action” Radhe with superstar flopped. The South Indian hit adapted horror comedy Laxmmi failed. The Hollywood-style spy thriller Dhakaad was a disaster. Different biopics and adaptations didn’t even get a decent opening. The 8th day Dhakaad all India collection of Rs. 5,000 is already doing the rounds in the meme world.

Apart from “The Kashmir Files“, “Gangubai” and “Shershaah“, none of the movies in recent times were even memorable. Even average businesses like Sooryavanshi and Bhool Bhulaiya 2 are being considered as super hits nowadays. Nothing is working in Bollywood. Meanwhile, some South Indian stars’ movies like KGF & Pushpa are getting raving audience appreciation and thunderous box office returns even in core Hindi belts. It’s not just big star-led “south masala entertainers” that are doing well; recent release Major, starring Advi (who doesn’t have a huge fan following compared to superstars like NTR, Prabhas, and others), is getting rave reviews and is doing well even in Hindi belts. Every other South Indian movie is now dubbed in Hindi and is being released all over the world, not just North India.

Bollywood makers and producers are currently in a quandary. What to make?

Unless they get good script writers, churn out entertaining screenplays, leave all remake & adaptation baggage’s, one day Bollywood might not even get a chance to screen single show on the first Friday in theater.

Borrowing lines from our famous Teja;

Utha Jaa… Teja… Aadmi Baan.. Sambhal Apne Aap Ko…

DesiKudi is an avid entertainment blogger who have been writting about different topics related with Indian Entertainment on major news portals. She has take upon anything to everything from Movies, Web Series, TV Shows, etc.
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