Is Bollywood afraid of KRK ?

August 30, 2022

Kaamal R Khan was arrested on August 30th, 2022, as soon as he landed at Mumbai airport. He was arrested under IPC 153 and 500 for his controversial social media posts made two years ago in 2020. In those tweets, he had mentioned something related to the late Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. The FIR was filed in 2020, but police never got time or were interested in arresting him since 2020 for such petty stuff. Suddenly, on August 30th, 2022, Mumbai police got into action as if he was some kind of terrorist as soon as he landed in Mumbai airport.
Sounds fishy?
Bollywood is reeling under a big jinx. The string of failures of Bollywood biggies like Samrat Prithiviraj, Shamshera, Laal Singh Chaddha and most recently, Liger, has hurt the producers and the industry pretty hard.

Mr. KRK thinks its he, who can bring down any Bollywood movie with his reviews on the first Friday itself. Funnily, some Bollywoodwallah’s think the same. Be it actors or producers, most of them are superstitious in Bollywood and KRK has been hitting pretty hard on those movies one after another with his taunts disguised in the form of reviews. His reviews are getting substantial views on YouTube (around half a million to one million views) and are being shared rapidly on most social media platforms in the form of memes.
Distributors are now shying away from big movies as there is a very high risk with big movies. Even exhibitors are not willing to give 50–60% of their screens to big movies due to the terrible occupancy rate of most recent big movies on the first Friday itself.
So why are Bollywood movies failing?
The industries that used to set precedent for the other regional industries are now lagging far behind South Asian industries. Even South dubbed films, which were never intended to be released in the North, are gradually outperforming Bollywood blockbusters. Every South Indian film is now being simultaneously dubbed with high-quality sound effects and released in the north; whether in Mumbai, Delhi, or Bihar, the kind of business movies like KGF 2, RRR, or Pushpa did is mind-boggling.
Even lesser known actor Nikhil’s movie Karthikeya 2 has netted more from its Hindi release than its investment.
So who is the jinx in Bollywood?
It’s KRK, the self-proclaimed only true critic of Bollywood.

Bollywood has found its scapegoat.
His personal attacks and uncensored sarcasm were already hurting most makers and Bollywood actors. Now, his reviews were actually hurting their business itself (It’s not just KRK, but that’s what failed movie makers and actors think too). Instead of focusing upon making good projects, Bollywood chose to take the silly path of trying to shut the mouthpiece of “aam desi wallah”.
There is a huge line-up of big movies like Bhramastra, Vikram Veda, and others coming up in the next few weeks, and now he has been arrested.

Is it just a coincidence?
No way. Bollywood people are definitely behind this coup and KRK knows it for sure.

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