May 16, 2022

Disclaimer: The show is strictly for anyone who is 18 and above.

Churning out more than 35+ episodes, Charmsukh from ULLU App is still soaring high, catering to soft porn lovers in India.

The view count of the show is unmatched with any of ULLU’s previous shows, which is the reason the show has been airing since 2019.

The concept of soft porn on the OTT platform was started by Ekta Kapoor with her ALT app with shows like Gandi Baat, Double DD, X.X.X, etc. success, which led to many others following the same suit. As per law, India doesn’t allow hardcore or even softcore porn to be produced or distributed by an Indian company per se, but there are always some loopholes which these app makers use to exploit. A recent example is Raj Kundra’s case, who was caught in connection with another adult OTT app named HotHit.

Coming back to the series Charmsukh, what made this show so popular?

The show got the basics right; most stories in the series are things that a teen or adult would fantasize about. It’s mostly from rural or small-town stories involving taboo subjects. Most of the stories seem to have been adapted from paperback pocket desi erotica novels like “Mastram”. The kind of views in the app and downloads on torrents/pirate sites would shame even Marvel. That’s the kind of popularity it has gained in recent years.

With the advent of better fiber optic broadband internet and 4G mobile technology, access to international quality porn has become convenient for even rural Indians. It’s just a click away. Nonetheless, Indians of all ages prefer ‘Charmsukh’ to foreign content because its stories are grounded in a ‘desi’ sense.

If its on OTT, Raven is always ready to binge on it and give his personal feedback regarding how good or bad is the show. Luckily we have saved lots of hours and trauma due to his strong and harsh feedback feedback.
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