Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva (2022) Review

Much anticipated, Ayan Mukherjee’s Brahmastra finally hits the screen today. Merging mythology in modern day story needs lot of research during scripting, that’s where the makers seems to have failed miserably. The major essence is missing. Like how Ron Howard did with Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code , Ayaan couldn’t match even 10% of that movie. He seemed to have relied more upon technicalities of the movie like Camera angle, background, sets and mainly VFx instead of tight bound engrossing and thrilling script like Bahubaali.

Ayan was trying to emulate Hollywood movie ‘Da Vinci Code’ but has failed with poor script research, screenplay and dialogues. For example, you see huge mountains, Big Durga idols, eerie atmosphere, but those are used just like background props without serving any purpose in the movie narrative.

The biggest drawback for me while watching the movie was prolonged courtship sequences in the first half between Rabir and Alia. We know they are a couple now, but that doesn’t mean we want to see their lovey-dovey in this kind of thriller movie. Make some other Bollywood rom-com movie for that.

The basic premise of the movie is that there is a society called Bramarakshk who are there to protect Brahmastra. Brahmastra is the biggest weapon made using 3 different Astras, which are currently split and, once joined, can protect or destroy the world based upon who is using that power.
One of them is Nandi Astra as Nagarjun.
SRK is another Astra, and there is Rabir as DJ Shiva, who gets flashes of his past but still needs to discover himself.
Amitabh plays Guru in Gurkul Ashram, who is the head of the society. Ranbir goes there and finally discovers himself and knows his purpose in life.

Then as every superhero movie there is another group with Mouni Roy as Junoon, along with her henchmen, Raaftar and Zor. They too are after Brahmaastra to become the superpower of the world. The clashes, confrontations, between good and evil are same as in every superhero movie that we have seen.

Had the makers stayed true to the above premise, then the movie could have been an edge of the seat thriller. However, the producers decide to include all Bollywood formulae, such as extended character development, lovey-dovey songs and romance, and Dimple Kapadia flying around Ashram in a helicopter. The movie, which could have been one of the kind in Bollywood history, ultimately turns into Bollywood kitsch.

The biggest USP of the movie is definitely the second half, full of action and VFX. VFX is definitely worth it to be seen on the big screen. In terms of performance too, Mouni Roy steals the show with her role. Perhaps she has mastered the art of being a vamp after being a Naagin for so long. SRK’s cameo is exciting and you yearn for more, but as soon as it is over, we are taken back to the same Ranbir-Alia romance banter.

The makers have divided the two halves of the movie with completely different treatment. First half character development and lovey dovey contemporary rom-com, second dark superhero action movie. It feels like you are watching two different movies.

The dialogue are some of the silliest and childish. Remember the dialogues from “Baahubali,” whether it’s Prabash or Ramya, they elevate the film to the next level with their dialogues. Brahmastra being such a grand movie needed a good dialogue writer with a strong punch, but you get to hear terrible lines like Pyaar, Love, etc. or unnecessary complicated dialogues which don’t mean anything.

The movie is too stretched in the first half. 20-to-25 minutes could have easily been chopped in the first half itself. Makers didn’t want to cut even unwanted scenes as they might have spent lot for every scene. Even in the second half, you can find too many illogical loopholes in the script or action sequences.

“Deva Deva” looks great on the big screen and “Kesariya” is already a hit. Other songs you don’t remember or serve any purpose in the movie, expect stretch the timeline of the movie.

Apart from Mouni, Ranbir has tried to fit in the Shiva character. He has given his best but still comes across as unpolished for the character of a superhero. Alia is sleepwalking into the role. Amitabh, Nagarjuna, and other supporting characters are average; there is nothing extraordinary for them to do in the movie in terms of action or performance.

Overall, the movie has moments that are worth a watch on the big screen. But couldn’t say it was engrossing and path-breaking like “Baahubaali”. Even after taking five long years to complete the movie, the movie seems to have been made in haste without proper editing or bound script.


Had there been no cinema, then this SharmaJiKaLadka would have died long ago. Out of food, sex and cinema this guy would always choose Cinema even if he would die virgin due to starvation.
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