Baked Season 3

If you like fun-filled college, dosti, and bromance kinds of shows, then Baked Season 3 won’t disappoint you.  Streaming on Voot, the show reunites once again our favorite trio – Haris, Oni & Body.

Since its first season, which aired on Youtube, the show has gained popularity among youth for its relatable college life comedy. The story of three hungry friends who start a food delivery business just because they are hungry. It sounds absurd, yet it was funny. In the second season, we got to observe a lot of drama between these characters, and eventually their friendship fell apart.

The third season chronicles the lives of these friends after they meet again after a long time. From introducing you to the current lives of Haris, Oni, and Body, the show takes you straight into a hilarious ride. All hell breaks loose when they meet up again and the laughter riot begins. The road trip, the encounter with the village girl and her escape plan, the encounter with Chunkey Pandey, there is lots of stuff going on in this season of Baked. There are also frequent flashbacks to their past season stories, showcasing their friendship breakdown, their love lives, etc.

Overall, the show is a joy ride.

If its on OTT, Raven is always ready to binge on it and give his personal feedback regarding how good or bad is the show. Luckily we have saved lots of hours and trauma due to his strong and harsh feedback feedback.
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