Aadha Ishq

May 14, 2022

A romantic love triangle between a married woman and her daughter with the same man.

That’s what Voot’s latest web series, starring Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta, and Gaurav Arora, is all about.

The plot of Aadha Ishq, a tale of un-quenched love, sounds taboo and novel on paper, but falters big time with its over the top, dialogue baazi. The script, which could have turned out to be an intriguing erotic romantic thriller, turned out to be bland.

Director Nandita Mehra (Udaan, Pavitra Rishta fame) fails to bring out the passion and intensity required for depicting such complex human relationships. The story is narrated from the viewpoints of three main characters, and it keeps switching between the past and present frequently. The story could have been told in a linear form with a lot more focus upon romance between the couples, rather than an overly stretched dramabaazi.

Despite few picturesque scenes of Kashmir, Massouri and some haunting melodies like ‘Lambi Judaai’ the movie never properly connects with the audience. Writer and director seems to be torn between what to make; steamy and raunchy casual love story with Rene(Daughter) & Saahir or lost love aged drama with Saahir & Roma (Mother).

All the leads be it GAURAV ARORA, Aamna Sharif are popular names from Telly industry and have done their job properly. It’s the screenplay which fails to do justice in portraying complexities of human emotions and relationships.


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