Teri Laadli Mein 9th March 2021

Akshat explains his ordeal to Bitti and asks if Richa’s wedding with Yash would be good for her. Bitti signals Yash is a pampered child and family will love Richa a lot. Akshat says even Richa is a pampered child, he had met Yash’s mother, what if Yash denies to marry Richa, Richa’s life will be spoilt. Bitti says she will help him in Yash and Richa’s wedding. He thanks and hugs her. She feels weird and shy and leaves. Surendra’s goon follows Pratap on his order and trashes him brutally. Akshat stops his car seeing that.

Supriya tells Vaishali that Richa is still young for marriage. Vaishali says she is rigt, but. Her friend Anjali calls her and says she found a boy for Richa. Vaishali happily asks who is that boy. She says her nanad’s son who has done MBA, is from a rich and well-cultured family, she will send his photo. Supriya says its a good thing, Vaishali says they will speak to Pratap and call boy’s family this Sunday. Richa hearing that says she doesn’t want them to search a boy as she already selected one for her.

Akshat rushes to Pratap’s rescue, trashes goon and asks who sent him. Goon slashes his hand with a knife and runs away. Pratap worried insists to take Akshat to hospital. Akshat says he is fine and will apply bandage at home. Pratap says Surendra planned attack on him and he will not spare Surendra now. Back at home, Vaishali asks who is the boy. Richa says they study together at home, he is also a good painter. Supriya says they cannot spend life only by selling painting. Richa says he is doing engineering and will get a job in college placement, then there won’t be any problem after marriage. Vaishali asks how can she take such a big decision without informing her. Richa says love happens uninformed. Vaishali says she never hid anything from her and Akshat, then how did she take such a big decision alone. Richa says she already informed Akshat about it.

Bitti returns home and informs Urmila that she had gone to meet Akshat regarding Yash and Richa’s wedding. Urmila says she is worried that Yash may deny to marry her, she is also worried that Surendra may do something if he finds out about it.

Vaishali is shocked to hear that Akshat knows about Richa’s affair and says both brother and sister hurt her today. Akshat enters and seeing her anger says he didn’t want to hurt her. She asks how can he hide such a big secret. He says he found it 2 days ago when he took Richa to a doctor. Richa drops vase and says doctor told she is in stress, so she informed everything to Akshat. Vaishali says when they have grown up so big, they can take their life’s decisions without her. Richa says her boyfriend is a painter and she wants to marry him. Sakshi says even beggars on road make paintings, will she marry a beggar. Richa says she doesn’t know value of art. Vaishali asks Akshat to tell in detail about the boy if he has taken responsibility of his sister’s wedding, only then she will decide about it. Sakshi says she didn’t know brother and sister have such a down market choice, all the best to them.

Pratap hires a goon to punish Surendra. Richa returns to her house and cries. Akshat consoles her. Richa says how will mom react when she finds out that Yash is a mechanic’s son. He asks her not to worry and inform Yash that they are coming to meet him. She goes to call Yash. He calls Bitti and says mom found out about Yash and Richa, so he and Richa are coming to her house to speak about their marriage, she should make arrangements by then. Bitti checks if Surendra is at home. Daadi noticing her asks to press her legs. Yash thinks Richa is coming with her brother to talk about alliance, he has to bear family’s wrath today, the thinks to gain something he has to bear some wrath first. Daadi notices him peeping outside door and asks what is he doing. He says he was walking around. Daadi sees massage oil bottle empty and yells at Bitti to go bring oil.

Surendra walks on street when goon walks towards him to throw chemical on which which will paralize him. Just when they are about to do that, Bitti clashes with Surendra and they both fall. Goons escape. Surendra yells at Bitti and returns home. He sees Yash tensed and asks what happened. Akshat with Richa reaches there and knocks door. Surendra gets angry seeing them.

Precap: Yash informs Surendra that Richa and Yash love each other, so he came to discuss about their alliance. Surendra slaps Yash and rejecting alliance throws Akshat out of house.

Update Credit to: MA

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