Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 9th March 2021

The Episode starts with Babli calling Anokhi and asking where are you. Anokhi says I got busy and couldn’t call, I m searching for Aastha. Babli lies about her state. Anokhi says I won’t come back home today, take care. She thinks of Ahir and says he saved me. She gives a note and a rose to the nurse. She says give it to the one who saved my life, tell him that I said thanks. Nurse goes to Shaurya and says Anokhi has sent it, she said thanks. Shaurya says thanks. He thinks this girl is strange, she gave credit to ACP and then finally. He says she gave me a rose today. He reads the note for Ahir. He crushes the note and says she thinks ACP saved her life, of course, I won’t save her. He trashes the rose. Ahir talks on call about Aastha. He says fine, I will reach there. He says no, I can’t make this mistake again, I will go and confirm first, they are already worried, why to trouble them. He leaves.

Alok says I have reached here, I m going on before Shaan, come fast. He sees Aastha. Shaan comes there and meets Aastha. Alok stops. Shaan asks do you care for other’s emotions. He hugs her and cries. He says Shaurya got scared and is madly looking for you. She asks what. She smiles. He says don’t do this again. She says sorry, I got so emotional and impulsive for the first time. He says I can understand, come. She says I won’t come with you. Shaan says come for Shaurya’s sake, else his guilt and search won’t end. He sees Alok there and asks what are you doing here. Alok says I came to find her, Gayatri told me that Aastha is here, so I also came here, I took the risky short cut to come here, I will go and tell everyone. Ahir comes there. He talks to Aastha. He says Anokhi and Shaurya are so worried for you, they are in the hospital now. Anokhi prays for Aastha. Shaurya thinks why am I waiting here, maybe I shouldn’t go. Ahir tells them everything about the riots. Aastha says I have to meet Anokhi, please take me there. Shaurya goes to Anokhi. They argue. He scolds her for the foolishness. She says you are blaming Ahir, he saved my life, don’t know what would have happened with me. He gets angry. She says you are also hurt. He says no. He picks the things.

He says I m stone hearted, I don’t feel pain, so I left you in the riots, right. She asks what’s your problem. He says you know what I went through, maybe I can never tell you, if anything happened to you, then… She gets a call from Ahir. She takes the call. She asks did you find Aastha. Ahir says yes, I m with her. She says you found her, send me address, I will come. Ahir says stay there, I m getting her. Shaurya hears this. Anokhi says Ahir is getting Aastha, aren’t you happy. He says good, I m very happy, nobody can accuse me now. He goes out and cries recalling Aastha. Maai teri chunariya….plays…

He sees Aastha coming and hides. Aastha turns to see. She meets Anokhi. She says sorry, you fell in trouble because of me. Anokhi says its fine. She thanks Ahir. Ahir thanks Shaan for finding Aastha. He says I should leave, your happy family reunion is happening. Anokhi thinks Shaurya is egoistic and didn’t come to see his mum. Shaan asks Anokhi to stay with Aastha for few days at his flat. He says Aastha won’t go back until the culprit who shot her is caught. Anokhi says fine, I will inform my sister. Nurse asks Anokhi to come for tests. Anokhi sees Shaurya outside. He asks her to go and rest, she will feel good. He refuses and says I have always followed my heart, I will always do so, the day I feel I have to apologize to someone, then no one will need to tell me. She scolds him. Alok looks on. Aastha and Shaan come. Aastha shouts Anokhi…. She scolds Anokhi for talking to Shaurya so rudely. Shaurya looks on.

Anokhi says you are right, I should have not told so, he is your son, I m not a family member. Devi says Alok, Anokhi is a big tension for us now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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