Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th March 2021

On women’s day celebration at Desai House, men mimic as women. Anant disguises as Gehna and takes Bapuji’s blessings who mimics as Baa. Pankaj mimics Kanak and Chetan mimics Hema. They all act well. All women laugh and clap seeing their act. Praful returns on stage and says this is their family which loves each other. Praful says this is his Jamna and apologizes her if he pained her heart. Baa asks what is he saying. He says I love you Jamna. Baa shies while everyone clap. Chetan says women are demanding, but are a pillar of support of their lives. Anant says when its needed, women can go out and become devi maa to protect themselves and their family; many colors are hidden in their one color. Pankaj says he and Kanak don’t have their own children, but Kanak loves Hema’s children as her own children and feels their pain if they are hurt; she shows color of motherhood. Chetan says his wife loves food, but when he is ill, he leaves her food and sits next to him whole night; she shows color of love. Bapuji says his Jamna is directly connected to Kanhaji and fights with him for family, Kanhanji even listens to her; she shows color of woman power. Anant kneels down in front of Gehna and says she told that he taught her to live with self-respect, but he hurt her self-respect by telling in front of everyone that he made a big mistake by marrying her, she fought for him and saved him and has an unique color in her, color of forgiveness, so she should forgive him. She asks not to apologize. He says women’s day celebration is incomplete without 2 colors, his 2 sisters who tie their color of prayers and protection on their brothers’ hand. He calls Hiral and Tia and all 5 siblings hug each other. Anant says they have one more surprise for them, all 3 brothers prepared food for them and Bapuji prepared sweets. Bapuji says sweets to sweeten their lives. Pankaj says let us have food and Chetan asks to forgive them if salt is missing or in excess.

Anant stops Gehna and says he wants to give her a promise on women’s day that she can become whatever she wants to. She says she had promised him to inform him first if she dreams, reminiscing the incident, and says she wants to become a lawyer. He reminisces Gehna defending him in court and wishes her good luck.

Family sits for lunch. All women taste it while men watch nervously. Baa says food is really tasty. Anant says last surprise is still awaiting, they are going on a family picnic and should pack their bags after lunch. Hema tells Kanak that she will not go with them. She gets Sagar’s call and goes to her room nervously. Kanak follows her. Hema asks Sagar if he got a chance to call her from jail, he need not worry as he will be out of jail soon. Sagar says he is out of jail already as papa spent money and got his bail. Hema gets happy, then says family is celebrating his destroyal and Anant’s freedom with a family picnic. He says let them enjoy and says god bless them. She asks if he has gone mad. He says he is praying god to fill their lives with happiness so that he can destroy them, especially Anant and Gehna. Kanak says she was thinking. He shouts to shut up as all her plans failed and hence she should rest and let him plan as his plan will be a father of all plans. She asks what is he planning. He says it would be a big dhamaka and asks her to go and get ready for picnic. Hema says his planning is not dud like other’s plan, now she will enjoy picnic. Kanak asks what is his plan. Sagar disconnects call. Kanak says if Sagar does a mistake again this time, Anant, Pankaj, and Chetan will not spare him and even them. Hema asks to just wait and watch. Kanak thinks this brother and sister duo just brag and do nothing, dunno which dhamaka Sagar will do now.

They both return to family. Anant says they should finish lunch soon. Paresh suggests to prepare food at picnic spot itself. Gehna says she will make all the arrangements. Family finishes food and rush to their room. Hema looks at Gehna and whatever Gehna and Kanak do, her brother will burn their happiness. Kanak hopes so and says Gehna is not like before, hence Sagar has to be 2 steps ahead of Gehna.

Gehna returns to her room and sees a gift box. Anant says its for her. she excitedly opens it. He asks how was the food. She says it was overcooked, but they tried well. She gets more happy seeing laptop. He says jao gehna jeelo apni zindagi/she can live her ife and do and learn whatever she wants from it. She thanks him and asks if he will teach her to use it. He gives her instruction manual and asks to read it. She nervously reads manual and gets happy seeing laptop switching on. Anant says he knew she can do it, so he didn’t help; he has one mor gift for her in cupboard . She picks next gift and gets more happy seeing law books, a sari and an earring. Hema passes by Gehna’s room murmuring that she wants to pull Gehna’s hair and punish her, stops seeing Gehna looking at gifts and after a bit of talk walks away with Gehna’s earring. Gehna thinks them back as Anant bought them for her. She walks to Hema wearing another earrings and says Anant had brought these earrings for her, but Hema like simple earrings. Greedy Hema returns earrings and takes big ones. Gehna thinks Anant gave her these earrings, so she had to take them this way from Hema. Tia gets happy hearing their conversation hiding.

Precap: Sagar meets Kanak and Hema disguised. Kanak asks what is he doing here disguised, he knows what will happen if someone sees him. Anant walks to them.

Update Credit to: MA

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