Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th March 2021

Pallavi walks in at Raghav’s house, Raghav says what the hell are you doing here, Pallavi says just repaying you what you did to me in the morning, and now even I am having fun in this.

Sometime back….

Pallavi calls Raghav from her shop, Raghav walks to her, and says this is my shop and will sell what I want to and not that nonsense clothe pile, Pallavi says that isn’t pile but our hard work, you insulted me and my families hard work, Raghav says exactly how you did to me in the morning, you give saree demo before customer buys now give demo of these night gowns,and I am having jewellery display wear this and be my display but you can’t carry this as you aren’t beautiful, and leaves.

Raghav giving an old lady some biscuits, Pallavi stops her from taking it and says he is a bad man and keeps troubling me, lady says you troubled a generous lady like Pallavi I don’t want your biscuits, Pallavi says no one wants anything from a man like you, and this shop might be yours I pay rent and the board belongs to my Baba, and so your nonsense won’t work return my stock or else I will come down to satyagraha against you in front of your shop, so dont force me to take action because if O do I will destroy you thats my promise to you, Raghav gets angry and leave.

Raghav in his office thinking about Pallavi’s words, Farhad walks to him, and asks where he is lost and why is he eating biscuits, and why did he send Pallavi’s stock. Raghav says I can’t forget her words, the whole world surrenders me but she is alone who fights me, she has high hopes she is very different and has courage but I won’t relax till she leaves the city and did you find anyone to clear the consignment, Harish says not yet, Raghav says there are many who want money find one.

Few woman come to Pallavi’s shop from Bangalore because of her interview. Nikhil tensed, he gets call from Abhishek saying there is one way to earn 1.5 lakhs but is risky.

Pallavi says to Krishna now Raghav will bring us back our customers, Krishna says leave him, Pallavi says I would ignore him but he has to be answered, we will go to his pop up.

Farhad addresses all guests at Raghav’s house, Pallavi walks in with Krishna, Raghav asks her what is she doing here, Pallavi says you came to my shop to many times so I thought of visiting your event, Raghav says no making fun of my work, Pallavi says I don’t have habits like you, I respect everyone’s work, I am not here to spoil your work but increase my work. Pallavi addresses guests introduces herself and her shop, and says she specialises in handloom sarees, guests get egar to see the collection, Pallavi says Mr. Raghav insisted us to come here so feel free and have a look at our sarees.

Raghav asks Pallavi what is all this, Pallavi says just a payback of what you did to me in morning, Raghav says I wont spare you, Pallavi says I am sure you won’t, but now its fun for me too.

Krishna tells Pallavi that they have 21 saree orders, Pallavi says good, Krishna says what if he does something bad again, Pallavi says we will fight him again.

Pallavi reaches home and sees its dark and calls everyone, all surprise Pallavi and congratulate her, Pallavi asks what all is this, Sharda says its your hard work, and celebrate. Pallavi walks to Sulochana with cake, Sulochana says don’t act I know all your account truth, but don’t be scared I won’t tell them the truth because when they will know the truth from outside that will be fun and what will you do if Vijay Dada has another heart attack, go party.

Raghav drinking, thinking about Pallavi’s words, says Pallavi you thought I will step back, wait for your next surprise.

Precap: Raghav partying with Pallavi, he sees two waiters starring at Pallavi’s back and walks to her to tell her, she takes wrong signals and asks him to step back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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