Imlie 9th March 2021

Imlie returns to her home. Mithi and Satyakam bring her favorite snacks excitedly and shower their love on her. She says they are treating her like a VIP, she is Mithi’s daughter and not a guest. Mithi says she can stay here the way she wants, but shouldn’t tell that she is a guest.
Dulari yells its good if she is a guest, but if her family has kicked her out, then she is a problem for them. Satyakam asks her to stop spitting bitter words. Dulari asks truth is bitter and asks to ask their daughter why she has come. Satyakam says she is alive because of Imlie, else he would have killed her when his daughter was shot because of her. She says she will be quiet, but what will he do when he finds out that his journalist damad/SIL and his family kicked Imlie out of house. Satyakam warns her that if there is a tear in Imlie’s eyes, he will shed her blood and will not spare her or anyone who does that. Dulari gets afraid. Mithi asks Imlie why did she come suddenly. Imlie says she came here running without informing family. They are shocked to hear that. She says she had a bad dream where she saw Adi shouting, then she got motion sickness and got afraid, so she came here to pray god. Satyakam says she studied science and shouldn’t believe in superstition. Mithi says when there is a trouble, prayers work and not science. Mithi says they all will pray for jamai babu/Adi. Satyakam asks why did she come here witout informing her in-laws. Dulari says she knew it before, but nobody trusts her. Mithi asks why did she do this. Satyakam asks her to call her in-laws and inform them that she reached Pagdandiya. Dulari says something is wrong.

Family packs their bags to travel to Pagdandiya. Adi returns home and asks what is happening. Family says they are going to Pagdandiya to search Imlie. Adi says they need not go anywhere and argues with family. Imlie calls landline. Adi picks receiver and says nobody will go to Pagdandiya. Imlie speaks and asks if she can speak to Tauji. Tauji takes receiver and asks where is she and why did she go without informing anyone, they are all tensed. She says she came to Pagdandiya. He asks how can she go without informing. Rupal takes call next and says tehy are all tensed, how can she do this to them. Imlie criesd hearing that, but controls. Dhruv speaks next followed by others and scold her. Imlie says she was remembering Amma, so she came home; Aparna should forgive her like always. Aparna sasy she will not forgive her until she returns and asks when is she coming. Imlie asks to take care of them all and disconnects call. Malini asks if Imlie is fine. Rupal asks if Imlie gave a phone number, what did she say, etc. Nidhi says they at least know that Imlie is safe in her village with her mother. Malini goes to inform Dev.

Adi opens laptop and thinks everyone are worried for Imlie, why they need her, editor’s words cannot be true and reminisces them. Malini walks to him and asks if he is fine, what is he doing with closed laptop. He says he doesn’t know and he is not worried about Imlie. She says she was worried for Imlie, how can she go without informing, etc. He says anyone can do whatever they want, she need not become a professor here as everyone are adults here and control their lives, why she is bothered, he doesn’t care if someone goes and even she shouldn’t. Malini stands shocked. Adi thinks what Imlie thinks of herself, she forcefully entered his life and became part of his family, she is controlling his and family now and he didn’t give her that right. Pankaj walks to him and says he knows recent days are tough on him and he also knows that he does his work loyally and is not afraid of anyone, not even goons who were about to kill him, then what happened suddenly that he is behaving like this, he cannot speak to his wife like this, what did she do to him. He says Malini didn’t do anything and she is not the reason for his anger. Malini cries and tells Aparna that Adi vents out whole world’s anger on her without telling what is bothering him. Aparna says Adi does same, they are habituated to it, but he cannot misbehave with her. Malini says its not a question of today, but since a few days a lot has changed between them, earlier they used to understand each other without explanation, but now he fights with her for silly reasons without explaining his problem. Adi tells Pankaj same. Aparna says they used to spend time alone before marriage, so she should take Adi away alone for a few days and spend time with him, all their problems will be gone in seconds. Pankaj suggests Adi to face his problems first as he will be entangled in himself and will not understand other relationships.

Imlie cries sitting outside her house. Satyakam ‘s son enters. She excitedly hugs him and says she was sensing his presence since morning. He says he didn’t inform baba yet, then how did she find out that he came. She says she doesn’t call him Pari just like that and can identify his arrival since childhood. Their nok jhok starts. He gives her rose and earrings which she was looking in mela and thanks him. She then says its difficult to study away from home and family, does he remember them. He says he remembers them a lot, but especially one person. She says they all don’t have time to think about him. He why she calls him Pari instead of Prakas. She says Parkash. Their nok jhok starts again. He says she will not change, Baba told him about her marriage and wouldn’t have let it happen if he was present here. She says she knows.

Precap: Adi reaches Pagdandiya to take back Imlie and extends his hand. Imlie runs towards him, a snake bites him and he falls down unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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