Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2020

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik seen cycling on the roads. Naira sees a boy and saves him from the accident. The lady asks the boy is he okay. The boy says yes, I have seen that girl saving you as a lioness, she is a Devi for us. Kartik says wow, lioness…. Naira smiles. Kartik says well done. The lady asks are you fine. Kartik says she is okay, you take care of your son, if anything happened to him. He gets sad.

He asks what happened, you got sad, you should be happy, people know you are a lioness. She says I couldn’t help my son. He hugs her. They check alarms and leave. Rabba….plays….. They come home. She slips on the stair. Kartik holds her. They smile. Watchman smiles seeing them. Naira asks what will we do today. She says we have to pay bill. He makes tea while talking to her. She sees Akshara sleeping. She says Akshu is sleeping till now. He says wow, I have made great tea. She asks why didn’t you make tea. Kartik sits alone and drinks tea. Naira is also alone in another flat. FB shows Kartik and Naira going inside the lift, holding hands. He asks her to have a good day and send pics. She says you will get it before tea. He goes to his flat. She goes to her flat on the upper floor. FB ends.

Naira talks to the helper. Kartik asks helper to have tea and then work. Kartik gets Akshu’s pics. He greets her morning. He sees Kairav’s pic. Naira also sees Kairav’s pic. Naira makes kachoris. Naira’s helper Sudha handles Akshu. She takes it for Kartik. Chukar gai….plays… She drops the food through a roped basket. Kartik gets the basket. He says no one can make better kachoris like you, don’t know what you add in kachoris, thanks. He makes smileys on the kachoris. Kairav comes and hugs Kartik. Kartik says we will have kachoris, we means… Kairav says only you and me. He recalls Naira and says I don’t want to have it. Kartik asks why are you looking at the door, Naira didn’t come, I won’t allow her. He says we will have a kachori race, I will win it. Kairav smiles. They eat the kachoris. Kartik asks how is it. Kairav runs upstairs and puts a smiley in the basket. He shouts thank you Aai. Naira smiles. Kairav says kachori was yummy, are you listening, I m confused, you can’t talk anything, thanks for making yummy food for me every day. Naira says its 30th smiley in 30 days, Kairav was sounding happy, this should go on until everything goes fine. She dances. Kartik hugs Kairav. Itti si hasi…..plays…..

Riddhima calls Kartik. He says we will come, Kairav will be glad. He asks Kairav shall we go. Kairav shouts yes. Kartik says no one looks at me when we go and meet her. They come and meet Riddhima on the beach side. Riddhima hugs Kairav and says I missed you so much. She asks did you miss me. He nods. She says we will make the castle. The wave ruins the castle. They laugh. Kairav runs to play with water. Riddhima says your and Kairav’s special day is coming, will you tell Naira about me, I mean… Kartik looks at her. Naira says Kartik and Kairav’s birthday is coming, we will make it special, Akshu and I are best team, we can wish Kartik, how will we wish Kairav, I will find some way. Kartik says Naira can’t come in birthday, there is no use to argue. Riddhima says I was hoping to meet her. He says I will tell her when the time is right. Riddhima says such things can’t be hidden. He asks Kairav to come. She says if Naira comes to know it from somewhere else, you should just think about it.

Riddhima calls Kartik. Naira asks what are you hiding. He says Riddhima is Kairav’s….

Update Credit to: Amena

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