Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2020

Preesha searches Mahima in whole house and seeing terrace door open thinks if akka went to terrace. She walks on terrace and sees walking unconsciously on terrace border and tries to stop her, but when she doesn’t listen, she herself gets on border trying to stop her. Vasu wakes up from sleep getting a nightmare about Mahima. She informs GPS that Mahima is in danger. He says she must be asleep by now. Vasu calls Preesha, but she doesn’t pick call. Saransh wakes up not finding Preesha next to him and picks Vasu’as call hearing phone bell. Vasu asks why is he awake at this time. Saransh says mamma is not in his room. Vasu asks him to check in Mahima’s room. Saransh checks and say they both are not in room. Vasu gets more tensed and decides to go to Khurana House. Preesha risking her life walks behind Mahima and pulls her down just when Mahima is about to fall. Mahima gets conscious and panics. Preesha calms her down and asks to hold her hand and get on terrace.

Yuvraj is busy having egg bhurji at roadside stall and trying his culinary skills when he sees GPS and Vasu trying to repair their car and walking to them asks what are they doing at midnight at a risky place. GPS warns him to mind his business. Vasu asks what is he doing here. He says he came to have food and asks where are they going. Vasu says they need to reach Khurana house soon, but their car broke down. Yuvraj offers to drop them. GPS resists, but on his insistence Vasu convinces GPS.

Saransh wakes up Rudra and informs him that Preesha and Mahima are missing from their room. Rudra worried walks down and waking up family informs them that Preesha and Mahima are missing. Balraj fumes asking why should he bother, since Preesha came they are facing many problems and now he brought her sister to increase their problems. Rudra says Mahima is mentally ill, so he brought her here. Their argument continues. Yuvraj drops GPS and Vasu outside Khurana house. GPS walks in asking him to go. Yuvraj thinks there must be a big drama at Khurana house, so he needs to go in and check. He walks in hiding. GPS and Vasu walk in and ask Rudra if Preesha and Mahima are found as Saransh informed them about Preesha and Mahima missing. Rudra says no, and whole family starts searching. Yuvraj hears their conversation and even he starts searching. Ahana and Mishka start their drama and hope Preesha and Mahima are found soon as they are spoiling their beauty by losing their sleep.

Mahima continues to panic that she will die. Preesha consoles her and encourages her to get up holding her hand. Mahima says she doesn’t even know how she walked her and is a problem for Preesha and her family, so she will go away from here. Preesha tries her best to calm her down, but Mahima continues panicking. Preesha finally says she will also jump down and die if Mahima dies.

Precap: Preesha decides to return Saransh to Mahima at any cost. Yuvraj hides seeing Khurana family gathering in living room. Saransh sees him and asks what is he doing here.

Update Credit to: MA

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