Shaadi Mubarak 30th November 2020

The Episode starts with Neelima arguing with the family. She says I will never accept Preeti. Everyone explains her that they should respect KT’s decision. She says I will not accept her, don’t expect this from me. Neil comes and says KT has come. KT’s dad asks him to get aarti plate. Neil asks where is it. KT’s dad asks Neelima to say something, KT would be coming. Preeti comes alone and says KT didn’t come with me. Neil calls KT and says he isn’t answering. Neelima says Preeti can’t enter the house without her husband, this is called forcibly getting inside the house. She scolds Preeti. She asks where is KT, KT took this decision in anger, he didn’t think, when he realized this mistake, he had run away, he took this decision to get rid of Nandini. KT’s dad says enough. He asks Neil to get aarti plate. He asks Preeti not to feel bad of anything, they will do her grahpravesh well.

Kusum and Priyanka come home. Juhi asks did you go out, I m trying to call mum, that marriage would be done, right. Nandini ruins the room. Arjun says please don’t hurt yourself. She scolds him. Arjun cries. KT’s dad, uncle and Neil prepare for grahpravesh. Neelima and Madhu look on. KT’s dad does Preeti’s aarti and welcomes her home. Preeti hits kalash and enters. Neelima asks her not to do the drama, she doesn’t accept the marriage. She goes. Nandini asks Preeti not to feel bad, KT’s decision is new for Neelima, give her some time. He asks Neil to show KT’s room to Preeti. He says why didn’t KT come with Preeti, I m tensed. Preeti hears this. Juhi asks did Preeti get married to KT, how can this happen.

Kusum asks are you not happy. Juhi says its shocking, she refused for the marriage, I never thought of this. Kusum says Preeti didn’t think but she understood later, you will understand it and get happy for your mum. Neil congratulates Preeti and asks her to take care. He goes. Preeti goes to switch on the lights. She sees the decorated room. Kusum says parents get happy for children, why can’t children get happy for parents, Preeti got a good life partner, her life will be good, why can’t you support her.

Preeti coughs and looks for water. She goes to take water from a tap. Kusum says Preeti never got love and respect from her husband, she got a good life partner now, you should be happy. Juhi says you are right, we children don’t think of parents, now mum will be busy in her life, this will be a big change for me, I know she will find time for me, I find it odd that I have to share her, she deserves it, I m very happy for her. Preeti sees her sindoor and mangalsutra. She removes the garlands. Juhi says we will go and meet Preeti. Kusum says she is in her new family, give her some time, we will go tomorrow to meet her. Juhi happily cries and says I will talk to her on call. Kusum says no, don’t call now, you have to understand and give her place, Preeti is very happy. Preeti thinks why didn’t KT come till now. She calls him. She gets KT’s old voice note. She waits for him. She sleeps on the sofa. Nandini calls her. Preeti wakes up and answers. Nandini says its your wedding night, your husband is here, he reached my hotel to do a drama, come and take him.

KT is drunk. Preeti comes to take him. Nandini says KT married you to take revenge on me, he doesn’t love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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