Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th November 2020

Hema scolds at Sagar that if he had not done heinous act, Bapuji had not thought about Gehna’s marriage and decide to spend huge sum on her wedding; if she doesn’t get her money share, she will not spare Sagar. Sagar says he is young and mistakes happen, he didn’t taste sweet named Gehna. Hema scolds her more. He says he will get her money share and even tackle Gehna in his own way. Bapuji feels sad that Gehna will leave them after marriage. Baa says that is the ritual. Radhika walks in and hopes she didn’t disturb them. They say not at all and asks her to sit. She says she came here uninvited and is troubling them. Bapuji says guests are god sent, so they are happy. She says she planned a surprise for Gehna and needs their permission. They permit. Gehna is in kitchen when someone shuts her mouth and drags her out. Kanak calls Sagar and when he doesn’t pick call hearing sound from kitchen thinks Sagar is molesting Gehna again and plans something evil.

Radhika takes Gehna to terrace where everyone are already present and showing her kites and thread says she heard about Gehna’s passion from someone and arranged kite competition here. Gehna gets happy. Anant thanks Radhika. Radhika says Gehna was in shock, so she arranged kite competition to cheer her up. Ananth thinks he loves her more seeing her surprise act. On the other side, Hiral tells Hema and Chetan that Bapuji wants to spend his whole money on maid Gehna and now Anant’s girlfriend already entered before marriage, they will lose all the money and will not get a penny. Chetan says they will plan something. Hema munching sandwiches says she is waiting for Kanak exploding her bomb and thinks where is she.

Sagar hiding on terrace records Gehna flying kite. Gehna falls on Anant while playing kite and feels shy, then pays attention to kite again. Kanak catches Sagar and warns him to mend his ways. Sagar says he was just watching kites. She asks why did he go to kitchen. He asks when did he. She asks why did oil bottle fell down and asks to do her job as she says or else she will kick him far away from home like kite. He agrees and walks away. Gehna and Tia compete. Anant taunts Tia that Gehna’s kite is flying high than hers. Tia says she used to cut Anant’s kite in childhood. He says he purposefully used to lose to cheer her up. She says let us compete now and joins Gehna’s side followed by Radhika while Anant joins children competes with them. Dheel De Dheel De De Re Bhaiya…song..plays in the background. They all excitedly compete. Gehna cuts Anant’s kite and wins. Tia jumps in happiness after winning. Anant goes to get another kite. Sapan tries to leave for home. Tannu requests him not to go. He says he has some important work. Tannu asks Gehna to convince him. Sapan agrees and goes to get samosas with Tannu and kids. Gehna competes again with Anant.

Jealous Kanak seeing that thinks whole money will be spent on Gehna’s wedding, she will not let that happen. She drops oil on floor behind Gehna. Gehna walks behind flying kite. Radhika takes thread from her and walks behnd near oil. Kanak gets tensed. Radhika runs in front. Gehna wqalk behind next followed by Radhika who steps on oil, slips and falls from terrace shouting. Anant and Gehna stand shocked. Family hears them and runs towards terrace.

Precap: Radhika hangs holding terrace railing when Gehna throws her dupatta towards her to pull her up. Anant shouts Radhikaaa.

Update Credit to: MA

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