Molkki 27th November 2020

Mama ji brings Purvi to show them their fields. They all belong to you. You have a right on everything that belongs to Mukhi. His family and kids are yours too. I know they are
But I also know that it just you who can tackle them. I saw your mercy, your fighting spirit, your strength to fight for the truth and your capability to face anyone head on. I know it is only you who can fix Mukhi’s life. I know this isn’t easy but I also know that nothing is difficult for you. I have full faith on you. Don’t let yourself break. Promise me that you wont let Mukhi or anything related to him fall apart. She promises him. Weather changes. They go back to the car.

Savita is missing Purvi. I was thinking to call her from PCO. Mahesh tells her not to bother Purvi. She has been away only for a few days. Someone calls out to Savita. She goes outside. Priyu requests her Baba to give dowry to Navin. She got married for my sake. You got money from Purvi’s Molkki. I wont tell Ma anything. Mahesh threatens her that he will fix her Molkki as well if she will try to threaten him ever again.

Mahesh and Purvi return home. Someone comes to meet Mama. He excuses himself. Juhi and Manas were playing with the ball. It goes inside the study. They think that they have been warned not to come there. Let’s play something else. Purvi thinks to get their ball so as to bridge the gap between them. She notices the study. She finds sketches lying in the room and looks at them. They are beautiful. Who is she? Who has sketched these? She hears a sob. Virender is sobbing in front of a portrait. I know you will never be upset with me, Sakshi. I have only loved you. Purvi is stunned to see him. Virender says this marriage is a compulsion for him. I have and I will always love you. No one can separate Mukhi and Sakshi. I promise you that we will always be together. No one could come between us till date and I wont let it happen in future either. No one can take your place in my life. I promise you. Purvi runs out of the room. Virender hears a sound and looks back but she has left by then.

Virender’s mother asks a servant to call Purvi downstairs. I want these girls to meet her. The ladies sit down and speak of their institution. Let’s include Purvi too as she is one of us. A servant informs Purvi that she has been called downstairs.

Purvi goes downstairs and is surprised to see Sudha. Sudha says I am so glad to hear that you married Mukhiya ji. You are also our neighbour now. Purvi gets emotional. Sakshi tells her not to worry. We are with you. A lady adds that Molkki brides have formed an institution for brides like themselves. Purvi takes Sudha aside. Sudha realises that Purvi has no idea about her Molkki. She sends all the ladies back. Sudha and Purvi talk for a few minutes and then Sudha heads home. She feels bad for Purvi. She has no idea that she is a Molkki bride. What will happen to her the day she finds out the truth?

Purvi notices Virender’s mother in the kitchen and offers to help. I also know how to cook. Virender’s mother says Virender likes the kheer that I make so I am here. Bhuri is taking tea for Virender but Virender’s mother sends Purvi to give it to Virender. Bhuri taunts Purvi to be careful. You might drop the tea like you fell last night. Purvi wonders how to’ take care of the husband who still misses his ex-wife. This marriage is nothing but a compulsion for him.

Purvi brings tea for Virender. He asks Purvi what her name is. She says Purvi Virender Pratap Singh. He shares that they might have gotten married but this isn’t as per his wish. You are a Molkki bride. Do not add my name with your name. Purvi is stunned to hear it. You are just Purvi Pratap Singh. Virender was and will never be yours. This Molkki was done for your poor family. We will take care of each other’s families. You have become my wife for the world but this relation means nothing to me. Don’t forget it. Title track plays. She runs away and cries outside the same

Virender’s mother asks her brother if he took Purvi outside to show her their property / land. He nods. She will handle this family and kids well. They both compliment their selection of Purvi for Virender and praise each other for convincing Virender for the wedding. Virender’s mother hopes that Purvi is able to make a space for herself in Virender’s heart too.

Purvi feels as if someone walked passed her yet again. Why do such strange things happen around this door? She turns and is taken aback to see Bhuri. Bhuri asks her if she is already afraid. You haven’t seen anything or found out any secrets of this haveli yet. Purvi asks her what she means. Bhuri tells her she will understand everything on time. She walks away.

Purvi cries in her room. Why did you do this to me God? Why did I become a Molkki bride? Why was I cheated?

Virender says I dint want to cheat her so I told her the truth. Virender Pratap Singh was and will always be Sakshi’s.

Purvi rues that she neither belongs in this house nor in Virender’s heart. He married me for the sake of this family. He still loves his wife.

Virender tells Sakshi she has been the only one for you. You are my end.

Purvi wonders why she should live now. She lies down on the floor and thinks of her wedding. Moh Moh ke Dhaage plays. She is still haunted by Virender’s words. She refuses to be a Molkki. I will pay my price.

Precap: Purvi is speaking to her mother on phone. Why did you do my Molkki? Savita is clueless. Purvi tells her to take her home. Tell Baba to return their money. I cannot stay here. Mahesh takes the phone and refuses to return the money ever. Enjoy the lavish life there. He disconnects the call. Later, Purvi tells Virender she will pay the money they have paid for her. I refuse to be a Molkki!

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