Molkki 24th November 2020

Everyone gets excited as they hear that the Baraat is coming. Mahesh and his wife (Savita) go to welcome them. Mangesh asks about their DIL. He and the neighbours gossip about it. Mama tells them that he hasn’t come. We have changed the venue. We have come to take you with us. He informs Mahesh what happened. The wedding will now happen in the old haveli hotel. He nods.

Vipul is on his way to Purvi’s house with the police.

Mahesh convinces Savita to make preps. He instructs his men to take off all the decor as soon as they leave. You should come to the venue afterwards. I don’t trust that Vipul at all. They nod.

Purvi asks her mother where they are off to. Savita shares that her in-laws are rich people. The wedding will happen from a hotel. Purvi gets emotional as she steps out of the house. Title track plays. Priyu and Savita get emotional as well. Purvi cries holding her pets. Mahesh asks his wife to come asap. Savita helps Purvi stand and takes her to the car.

Vipul is about to reach Purvi’s house.

Mama asks everyone to sit in the car. Virender’s mother stops Purvi. Mahesh’s goons are taking off the decor from the locality. Virender’s mother asks Purvi to sit in their car with them. Purvi sits in her car whereas her family sits in the other one. Vipul reaches there just when they leave. Inspector warns him not to register a false report ever again or he will be punished. Vipul requests him to believe him. Mahesh’s goon asks Vipul to leave. The girl refused to marry you after all. Don’t you understand? Vipul asks him about Mahesh and his family. He is told that they left this town. Inspector says this was about love. Don’t waste our time ever again. He leaves. Vipul wonders where his Purvi will be.

Purvi reaches the venue with Virender’s mother and Mama. Virender’s mother tells her not to worry. Your Ma Baba will come soon.

Vipul overhears Mahesh’s men talking about the change of venue. Old Haveli Hotel!

Purvi’s family reaches the venue. Mahesh tells Savita that she was worried for no reason. This is where rich people get married. He notices his goons at the door just when he is about to go in. They show him thumbs up. Virender’s mother tells Purvi that her parents are here now. Purvi sits down worriedly. Pundit ji calls for the groom. Purvi waits with bated breath. Mahesh meets Virender on his way to the mandap. Please cover your face with sehra. It is a family tradition. Bride and groom must not see each other before wedding.

Pundit ji asks for the groom again. Virender’s mother asks Deepu to check on Virender. Priyu notices him coming. He is here. Purvi looks up hesitantly. Virender has covered his face with sehra. He sits down next to Purvi in the mandap. Vipul reaches old haveli hotel. The guards try to stop him but he manages to run inside.

Purvi and Virender exchange garlands.

Virender’s goons stop Vipul from going inside.

Guddu drops something on Priyu’s dress. She goes to clean her dress.

Mahesh’s men beat Vipul.

Purvi and Virender start the rituals. Vipul shouts Purvi’s name while getting beaten by Mahesh’s goons. Virender and Purvi take pheras. Mahesh’s goons continue to beat Vipul black and blue. They throw him to a corner. Priyu is going back inside when she notices Vipul murmuring. Who did this to you? He tells her that Purvi has become a Molkki bride. Go and tell her asap. Save my Purvi. Priyu runs inside to inform Purvi. Vipul passes out on the floor.

Pundit ji tells the groom to apply vermilion on Purvi’s hairline now. Priyu reaches there but stops in her tracks when she recalls Navin’s words. She mentally apologizes to Purvi. It will create an obstacle in my wedding otherwise. Virender lifts his sehra as he applies vermilion on Purvi’s hairline. They both are stunned to see each other. She runs away shocking everyone else. Mama nods at Virender reassuringly.

Mahesh closes the main door on Purvi’s face. Please don’t go anywhere. She asks him why she married him to the one who stole his job.

Virender asks his Mama why he chose this girl for him. Couldn’t you find anyone else? Mama is all praises for Purvi.

Mahesh tells Purvi she will be happy with Virender. Purvi refuses. She is about to open the door when Mahesh points out that Priyu’s marriage can happen only after yours. Did you see how happy your brother was after seeing all that food? Think about how this marriage can turn everyone’s life around.

Mama is positive that this girl can turn Virender’s life around for him. Virender disagrees. She cannot even handle herself!

Purvi asks her Baba that he showed her someone else’s photo and got her married to Virender. She realises something and asks him if he fixed her Molkki. He pretends to be hurt. I can die but I cannot fix my daughter’s Molkki. They came to seek your hand for alliance on their own. What if Priyu had hurt herself again? I will be able to die peacefully if you and Priyu get married. Think about her and your brother. Purvi cries.

Virender apologizes to his Mama. I cannot live with this girl. Mama says as per your condition, you agreed to marry the girl I will choose for you. You only want the piece of that land. This wedding cannot be broken now. Time will tell how good that girl is for you and your family. He walks out of there.

Precap: During the grahpravesh, Virender’s kids throw something at Purvi and rush to meet their Papa. They laugh at Purvi. Purvi looks at Virender in shock. They try to trouble her again when she is about to get ready for the reception party.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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