Molkki 20th November 2020

Pushpa greets Virender’s mother. She tells Pushpa to find a diamond for Virender. Pushpa calls the girls one by one. Virender’s mother does not like either of them. She tells her brother she does not know how the marriage will happen. Anjali suggests getting Jyoti married to Virender. Jyoti takes tea for Virender when he is doing yoga. She coughs to catch his attention. He looks at her but then closes his eyes again. She sits down and starts talking to him about his likes and dislikes. Mama and his sister look dejected. Mama says the girl should be capable of

Purvi and Priyu are headed to Sakshi Mills. Purvi wants to get her books back before people come there. Virender and his Mama is on his way to the Mill. He tells his driver to drive fast. Purvi comes in front of the car to save an elderly woman. The driver comes out to check on the lady but Purvi scolds him badly for driving rashly and not being considerate towards a lady. She gets quiet when Virender lowers the window pane. Purvi picks her bicycle and asks Priyu to come asap. Priyu asks her what happened. Purvi tells her to sit. I will tell you on the way. Mama says there is something about this girl. She scolded the leader’s driver and ran away when she saw the leader. Virender calls her mad.

Sakshi Mill gets inaugurated. Virender thinks my dream finally came true after the inauguration of the mill. Purvi comes to collect her books but does not find them there.

Priyu sees Vipul coming there on a rickshaw.

Virender goes to look at the machines. Purvi is still searching for her books. She hears someone’s voice and hides behind a machine. Virender walks in with a guy and his guards to examine the machine. Purvi keeps shifting. Virender switches on the power machine. Purvi gets tensed as Virender inches closer.

Vipul asks Priyu about Purvi. Purvi tells her she went inside to collect her books. Vipul decides to go inside to meet her.

Purvi is still hiding from Virender and his men. Vipul pulls her away just in time. She is shocked to see him. Vipul shares that he came back just now and came to meet her asap. Purvi asks him why he wants to meet her now. He asks her if and why she isn’t happy to see him. Purvi declines. He is clueless and follows her. She shouts at him to let go of her. Virender hears her voice and wonders what’s happening. Purvi tells him what happened when he was gone and asks him to leave. I don’t want to talk to you. Vipul requests her to listen to him. Virender looks on.

Mama fixes a meeting with someone. He tells Virender they must stay here tonight as he has to meet someone. He tells his sister they might find Virender’s bride tonight.

Kanji Bhai shows some pictures of some girls to Virender’s Mama. He drops Purvi’s photo while picking an album. Mama picks it up. He recalls how honest and forthright she is. He smiles as he thinks of all the incident. She is a perfect match for a leader. What’s her price? Kanji Bhai says her Molkki has been fixed. Mama asks for the price. Kanji Bhai tells him. Mama gives him a suitcase filled with 20 lacs. I like this girl very much. Now she only will become Virender’s wife. Kanji Bhai says I can fix the Molkki of this entire family in this much amount. She is lucky. Now no one can stop her from becoming your DIL. They fix the alliance.

Kanji Bhai tells Mahesh about Virender’s Mama choosing Purvi for Virender. Mahesh says my wife wont agree for it. She does not like Virender. A lot many people including me have lost our jobs because of him. Plus, he is filthy rich. She will prefer to die but wont let it happen! Refuse this alliance. We will get Purvi married to the first person only. Kanji Bhai says they are giving 4 times than what we were getting earlier. Should I say no? Mahesh denies. Find a solution. Kanji Bhai tells him to repeat his words to Purvi. She wont be able to say no.

Virender and his family come to Ganga ghaat. Virender asks his Mama why he looks so content.

Mahesh has taken his family out for chaat.

Virender’s Mama says you agreed for the wedding after all.

Mahesh says we are here as Purvi agreed for the wedding.

Mama says I know but you don’t know that this is what Sakshi wanted too. I have selected a very good girl for you. Virender looks at him in shock. Mama says we are going to the bride’s home tomorrow to fix the alliance.

Mahesh tells his family that the groom’s family will come tomorrow to finalise the alliance. Priyu asks Purvi if she spoke to Vipul. Purvi says it wont change anything now. You can have my share of chaat too. She walks away sadly.

Virender excuses himself.

Priyu tells Purvi to think about herself. It is about your life. Purvi replies that it is about her entire family. I can even sacrifice my life for it.

Pundit ji calls everyone for the aarti. Virender does the aarti. Purvi comes there as well. I am going to get into a good alliance. Give me strength to live it honestly. Virender thinks this relation is only because of his compulsion. No one can take Sakshi’s place. He hands over the aarti thaal to his brother and tells his Mama he will join them at the hotel. Purvi goes away as well.

Purvi tells her mother to go home. I will light a diya and come home. Her mother is concerned as it is late but Purvi assures her she will be fine.

Virender is sitting near the ghaat. Purvi comes there with a plate full of diya’s. She leaves them one by one in water. Virender apologizes to Sakshi. I am doing everything for your sake. Purvi prays to Ganga Maiyya. I don’t want anything from this wedding. Just bless me that I can give the same respect to my in-laws that I give to my parents. She slips into water while turning. Virender saves her. She wonders who it could be. Virender’s chain gets stuck in Purvi’s chain. They manage to untangle it. Virender is shocked to realise it is her. looks like you want to die. You got in front of my car first and now you were trying to drown here. she explains that she fell in water. He asks her if she is a monkey. You keep jumping and falling all the time. She is about to reply but he tells her to be quiet. Don’t come in front of me again. He prays that she never comes in front of him again. Purvi prays for the same thing.

Precap: Purvi is shown someone else’s pic for marriage. Virender and Purvi get married. They are shocked to see each other in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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