Qurbaan Hua 26th October 2020

Chahat advises her father that they both have to leave the room as she no longer can see him in this state so she would be his doctor and make sure he is treated to his healthy state. She tries moving him however is not able to.
Ghazala is downstairs when the driver comes down asking why has she called him, she says that she ordered him to stay with Mr Baig, he mentions that she was the one to call him as a man came saying that she wanted to say something, she hears that Neil is trying to find the room of Dr Baig, the receptionist explains that there is no one with the sir name currently residing in the lodge, he orders Neil to leave, witnessing his attitude Neil gets mad and pulls him through the neck which instigates frightens in the heart of the person, so he assures Neil that there is no one with the name, Neil asks him if a women with a white sarree booked a room, the receptionist explains that she only comes to meet the person and a old sick man, Neil asks the number of the room, he explains that it is 104. He also explains the directions, Neil immediately heads for the room, Ghazala is worried about what would happen while the driver says that they have to stop him, Ghazala mentions that it suitable that they should just wait for Neil to come back.
Chahat in the room is trying to get her father to sit however is not successful, Neil is searching for the room in the hall, Chahat pleads with Dr Baig to have some strength and sit up, she doesnot know what she would do and so holds her head in despair wondering what would happen if Neil of Ghazala come before they are able to run.
Neil opens the door and is standing outside the room, he sees that someone is sleeping so thinks that it is time to take revenge, he turning on the lights is about to kill but when he lifts the blanket there is someone else sleeping.
Chahat wondering the options that she can use, sees that there is someone outside who brought her a towel so she pleaded with the person to help her and he seeing her condition also agreed, she says that she asked him and he replied that there is room in the lodge where they can hide Dr Baig. Chahat hid her father and then pleaded with the person to lie on the bed, he orders the person to leave.
Chahat exclaims that she would always remain with her father but would have to leave to book the cab so he must not worry, she wears the disguise and leaves to get the cab.
Neil asks the receptionist if he saw the old man running, the receptionist replies that he did not saw anyone, then Neil asks if there is another way by which he can get out of the lodge, he while walking outside bumps into Chahat but at first doesnot recognize him when she turns to run away, he asks her to stop, he pulls her then looking her in the eyes removes the wig and moustache, from her face.
Baleq wonders what is wrong with Chahat’s family as he would have to find about them, Bopho asks if he should set up the camera in the same place, Bopho mentions that he might have gone out with Jhabi, he thinks that this means that her daughter in law is really beautiful.
Baleq asks that he might have met her parents because he used to go to meet Neil, Bopho exclaims that he only met Chahat at the campus so doesnot know where her parents live, Baleq thinks what he would have to do to find the truth about Chahat’s family.
Neil mentions that he should have never trusted Chahat because she has kept him hidden in this lodge, Chahat tries to explain that he is mistaken, he tries to search for Baig as he is really angry but she hugs him by the jacket and doesnot let him get into the room even when he is about to, she pushes him to sit against the wall, he explains that she is a really nice person and is his favourite, she says that he can also take the revenge without killing him, she pushes him against the wall, asking him to calm as he should listen to her as she is his best friend and not the enemy, they both are looking into each other’s eyes, she explains that he is already broken as he is not able to talk and even walk, she mentions that when the person who is already broken then how can he take the revenge and not give him the chance to prove his innocence, she starts the counting saying that he should first help her into taking his father to the hospital, he says that he needs to see her father first, she makes him stand, they both walk towards the room, Neil is standing at the door, Chahat asks if he remembers the promise, Neil explains that he has promised her so would not harm him, she agrees then after opening the door finds that there is no one in the room, Neil is also shocked to see that the room is empty while Chahat is left in distress.

Precap: Ghazala says that Chahat was tried to double cross her and now she would see her father when she dies, Neil takes the phone threatening Ghazala that she should never dare threaten Chahat as if even her hair is damaged, he would surely make her life even worse then hell.

Update Credit to: Sona

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