Choti Sardarni 24th October 2020

Scene 1
Manav drives. Amrita says Meher please get up and eat something. Sarab’s operation is going on. Manav meets him team and goes to Meher’s house. He says I want every fingerprint. An officer picks the gun. He says it looks like the one from which Sarab was shot. Manav says to send it for forensic. Another one comes and says this is your service revolver. It was there in the corner. Manav says I ran it must have fallen. He says to Kaushal, keep the hospital on his security and I want to speak to you.

Sarab is losing his heartbeat. Amrita gives water to Meher. Aditi says give me an injection fast. Amrita says what do you think? Who shot Sarab? Meher recalls everyone’s faces.

Kaushal comes and says you all have to come with us to CBI officer. Kulwant says what? Robbie says for what? He says for fingerprints and investigation. Robbie says but we didn’t shoot. Rana says exactly. Kaushal says we will know after the investigation. Kulwant says sure take us and do all your investigation but what about the one who actually shot? Will you interrogate from him? Kaushal says who are you talking about? She says about your officer Vikram Dewan. H says Mr. Dewan is giving his fingerprints. You all come with us. They go with the officers. Operation is going on.

Scene 2
Sunrises. Meher is still sitting outside. The doctor comes out. Meher says is Sarab okay? He says listen to me carefully. We don’t have time. Meher says what? What happened to my Sarab? He says the bullet is stuck in his spinal cord. If we try to take it out it can kill him. The second is to leave the bullet there but that can send Sarab in a coma. Please take a decision and sign this. Meher says how can I sign this? He says you have to make a decision. Please choose one. He gives papers to Meher. Meher sits down in shock.

Meher sits down and recalls her moments with Sarab. Ginni brings her phone. Param is on a video call. He says Meher mama is papa in pain? Meher cries. Param says don’t worry mama. Papa will be okay. I have spoken to God. I went to the temple as well. Babaji promised me, papa will be fine. Don’t cry. You told me to keep hand on heart and pray to God. Meher prays with him. Param says nothing will happen to papa. The nurse says ma’am hurry up, please. Meher says stay with Ginni di. I will stay in the hospital. Take care of Karan as well.

The doctor says what have you decided Meher ji? Meher says do the surgery and take out the bullet. I don’t think a lion like Sarab would like to live his life in coma. He won’t like a life dependent on others. The surgery starts. Meher goes to the temple and prays for Sarab. She recalls their moments together. Param prays at home. He recalls his moments with Sarab. The surgery complicates. Aditi is worried. Meher keeps praying. Param keeps praying as well.

Scene 3
At the CBI office, Manav gives his fingerprints. He says I did it. Now listen to me you all, I can force anyone to confess. The best way to get out of any crime is to confess. No torture, no pain. If anyone wants to tell anything they can. The report would tell who shot anyway. Then we have our own ways to make you confess. Manav says Robbie, let’s start with you. Do you wanna say anything? Robbie says fingerprints don’t do anything. Doesn’t mean who picked the gunshot as well. Manav says so you held the gun? Kulwant says yes. Fingerprints don’t tell you who shot. Manav says okay tell us your creative idea. She says CCTV camera. Jagga says yes let’s check CCTV. Bitu says yes. Kulwant says he won’t get it checked because he was the first one to be there. She says to check the CCTV. Jagga says you should have done it in the first place. Kaushal says don’t tell us how to investigate. The culprit is very clever. They cut CCTV wire. Kulwant says who can be more clever than you. Manav says no one should me. They all leave. Manav says why? Do you have to go to public service?

Meher asks the doctor is Sarab okay? He says we took out the bullet but his life is still in danger. We need blood. The nurse says there’s no blood in the blood bank. We have only 30 minutes. The junior doctor says doctor his heart is sinking. Meher runs out to arrange blood. Meher says you have to fight Sarab. We will fight. We can win any war together. Amrita comes and sees Meher running out.

Meher gets in her car and rushes to other blood banks. Sarab is losing his breaths. Aditi gives him more injections. Aditi says sir please do something. Meher drives through the traffic. Meher comes to a blood bank. She runs upstairs. Meher says we spoke on call for AB- blood. He gives her one last bottle. He says this is very rare. Meher runs to her car. Sarab’s heartbeat is sinking. Meher runs to her car and rushes back to the hospital. Her car doesn’t start. Meher is worried. Meher sees a Sardar. She says veer ji please help me. My husband’s life is in danger. My car is broken, please give me your bike. He says Gill? Go take my bike and save him. You are my sister. Put this bottle in the bag. He gives her helmet. Meher drives the bike to the hospital.

Doctors try to give Sarab CPR. Aditi says please do something doctor. Sarab is losing his breaths. Meher is in tears as she tries to make it to the hospital.

Precap-Meher comes to the hospital. She gives the blood to the doctor. He says don’t worry now. We will save her. The bottle falls from the doctor’s hands and it breaks. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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