Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2020

The episode starts with storm goddess’s sons searching coconut & naresh wondering where her sons might be while vinayak also searching pots in hut.
The sons find coconut while vinayak goes to mata paravati asking flowers required & also assures her will come as soon as work completes.
The sons bring coconut telling vinayak that guest is our first priority but finds oil pot empty so wonders where mata is so they ask him where is mata & vinayak says she applied & left & they think may be she must have left him for us to kill while naresh is wondering. Vinayak tells them she left powder scalp for me to get applied & they tell vinayak yes we will apply on your body & as they are applying they are wondering why nothing is happening to vinayak as they are thinking this powder must be having poison but instead nothing happening to vinayak & they both are getting tired so vinayak asking them so this was your plan right & they get up asking so you knew everything but where is our mata & he tells them she is blessed by accepting her mistake & they both take out their gadha weapon telling him whoever you might be but we too are dhindhrastra’s sons who are not at all scared by any huge warrior & they try to attack vinayak but their weapon gets vanished within vinayak & they are continuously defeated inspite they try to attack so they get shocked while vinayak shows them his original form & they both surrender to him while naresh also prays vinayak saying now I understood why you are being sent with me by rishi & vinayak tells him to keep faith.
Naresh asks vinayak why you hit them by coconut & he explains him the importance of coconut which looks hard but soft from inside which washes out all ego from that person that’s why coconut is offered to gods which indicates he has offered his soul purely to god.
Mata paravati explaining mata laxmi the kind of trouble she is facing without ganesh but mata laxmi tries to calm her again & again.
Vinayak thinks to plan of tackling narantak & devantak.
Narantak & devantak are planning to call such a tricky asoor who can overcome vinayak & naresh to get killed expressing the example how that asoor gandhar who use to kill people coming in disguise of Brahman showing path towards well who are thirsty & make them fall down in his brother bhupat’s mouth of well so they call asoor gandhar & bhupat well to attack vinayak & naresh.
Vinayak & naresh while walking on the way naresh feels thirsty & while that same Brahman comes in disguise of asoor gandhar & naresh ask him where can be water & he is praising the well so much by which vinayak also gets feeling fishy thinking why he is praising so much but vinayak tells naresh I’ll bring water while Brahman follows him & naresh feels like I have seen him somewhere & as vinayak bends to see the well then brahman comes in his original form making naresh realize & shouting vinayak for alertness but gandhar pushes vinayak into well as he falls while mata aditi wakes shouting vinayak’s name.
Naresh blames what I’ll answer to rishi kashyap about his son vinayak who fell in trouble because of me & gandhar abuses naresh saying you are a fool who took help from a child & now see I’ll kill you but naresh challenges him saying warriors do not get scared & they fight with each other but naresh falls down by his tricky games & finally shouts for help from vinayak seeing well & remembering vinayak had told him to keep faith & immediately vinayak breaks open the well killing bhupat while gandhar is shocked saying impossible. Gandhar goes to attack vinayak but in wake of fight gandhar also gets killed getting blessings from vinayak.
Naresh prays vinayak accepting to bend on his knees for helping him at such juncture but vinayak again explains him about faith & task to execute smartly while naresh says I realized what you wish to explain & he indicates him to see more such hurdles further which is also to be overcome but he asks what & vinayak tells him to watch going ahead but first we have to leave for kashi & they reach kashi as vinayak praises the place.

Precap : Rishi senapati tells kashi naresh this child is tricky but naresh tells him yes but he has won my heart & rishi explains him that this child has won your heart is because he has tricked you to conquer this rule from you while naresh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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