Mere Sai 1st October 2020

Saraswati comes inside the washroom. She removes the cloth covering her arms and looks at the mark near her elbow. She tries to rub it off but in vain. She gets teary eyed. A flashback is shown. Her granddaughter had once asked her about the modak that she was making. I like what you fill inside the modak. Can I have some? Saraswati gives her. Narayani says Aayi says we must not eat before offering bhog to God. Saraswati reasons that kids are an emblem of God. There is no harm in doing it. She is about to feed her when her DIL pulls her daughter away. I told you to stay away from her but you don’t hear anything. What are you doing here? Saraswati tells her she was making Prasad. Her son comes there. His wife tells him what Saraswati has been doing. Saraswati says I have been making this Prasad since years. He reminds her of the mark on her arm. What if Narayani gets affected too? His wife seconds him. This is like a stain. Saraswati’s son tells her to stay in her room. Saraswati cries as her DIL pours water over everything and still complains that it is Saraswati’s fault. Flashback ends. Saraswati looks at the mark on her hand.

Sai comes to Chihu Tai’s house when she was complaining to Srikanth. He asks her why she was upset. He says I brought guavas for her and she is getting angry. Chihu says I have told him to be careful while buying fruits but I am sure he was distracted when he was buying them. Each piece is spoiled. Srikanth says I checked everything. Do stains mean that they aren’t worth eating anymore? Sai looks at the guavas. Give me the basket and close your eyes. Chihu complies. Sai gives the basket to Srikanth and picks out two guavas (one with stain and one without stain). He makes Chihu stretch her palm and gives them to her to taste one by one. The one with stain is sweeter. Chihu opens her eyes upon Sai’s askance. Sai says this one was sweeter. They hint at the wholesomeness. They hint at the struggles it has been through. Birds come to eat the fruits that are ripe. This is another indicator that they are better than the rest. Extreme sweetness and their appearance make some fruits exclusive. Srikanth asks him if every piece is good. Sai says if you understand the concept of stains then life will be good. Chihu nods. Sai takes their leave.

Bheema and Subhadra are waiting for Pundit ji for the shraad.

A guy is fixing his cart. Pundit ji keeps scolding him. the guy requests him to give him some more time Sai looks on.

A family asks Bheema to give them some food. We lost our way. We will be grateful to you if you could give us some food. My wife and son are hungry. Subhadra says we do have food but that is for shraad. We will first have to feed Pundit ji. Their visitor says we can even eat staple food. They wont be able to walk another step without eating. Bheema tells Subhadra they must give food to them. Subhadra is hesitant but her husband convinces her using Sai’s logic. They welcome their visitors inside.

Pundit ji scares the guy by talking about curse. I got late because of you. Sai murmurs a shloka. Simple, compassionate and forgiveness are the virtues of a Brahmin. Maalik decides about sins and virtues. Time is of equally importance to the cart driver. He might be thinking that this is your fault. This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t sat in his cart and chosen this way. This is as difficult for him as much it is for you. You should support each other right now. Pundit ji calls him Fakir. I don’t want to get into an argument with you or I will lose my time. Should I keep everyone waiting because of this driver’s foolishness? He walks away.

Bela wakes up. Her parents tell her they are off to work. Play inside only as the weather is changing. Bela looks out of the window quietly. Manik says we will go around town together in the evening. Bela refuses. Saraswati comes there. She imagines Narayani in Bela and smiles. Her happiness is short lived as she comes back to reality. She calls out to Bela. Bela calls her Ajji and runs to hug her. It turns out to be her imagination. Durpada tries to explain to Bela but Manik tries to convince Bela again. Bela says I don’t want alms. Saraswati sits next to her. You don’t speak to parents like that. Durpada introduces her to Bela. Consider her your Ajji only. Manik says she came here today and will look after you. Bela says I don’t need her. Manik loses his cool but Saraswati tells her she will manage her. Durpada tells her to make sure Bela does not step out of the house. Don’t let her play with other children as well. Saraswati looks at them in confusion.

Pundit ji reaches Bheema’s house and notices the family eating there already. He taunts him for feeding someone else before the Brahmin during shraad. You gave food to them before giving it to me! This is an insult to your ancestors and scriptures. Bheema apologizes to Pundit ji. I have understood it from Sai that the biggest virtue is to take care of the needy. Pundit ji tells him to offer bhog to Sai only. I wont come here again. News will spread around town and no Brahmin will come here ever again. You and your family will be cursed! Bheema requests him not to blame his parents for his mistake. Please wait for some time. we will cook food again. Pundit ji refuses and leaves. Visitors apologize to them for putting them in this situation. I don’t know if God hears prayers of people like us but we pray that God blesses you for your good deed. They fold hands in gratitude before the family and leave. Subhadra cries. I told you not to give them food before Brahmin. See what happened. Sai is forgiving. How will we complete shraad now? Our ancestors will be dissatisfied because of your mistake. Her husband reasons that he only followed Sai’s order. If I am right then my parents will be satisfied.

Sai calls out to Bhima. Bhima tells him he has come at he right time. Sai says I don’t know what you are saying. I am saying this because I am hungry. Give me something to eat and keep 2 plates as well. Bhima wonders who he is asking to set 2 plates for. He must be aware of what just happened here. is he misunderstanding me?

Pundit ji is walking past a small temple and stops to pay his respects. I have spent my entire life praying to God. That guy insulted me today. You must make him pay for it. Teach him such a lesson that neither he nor the entire Shirdi should do something like this ever again. He looks up and is shocked to see the idol missing. He looks around in panic. Where are you, Khandoba? He asks a passerby about the idol. It simply disappeared. The guy says I can see it. Pundit ji asks him if he thinks him to be a fool. Where is it? The guy tells him to believe him. it is right here. Pundit ji wonders why he cannot see it. He walks away tensed.

Bheema tells his wife that Sai never sits down at someone’s place to eat food. I am equally surprised and grateful. Sai asks him to hurry up. I am hungry. This puzzles Bhema all the more.

Pundit ji cannot understand why he is unable to see Khandoba’s idol. What happened? He hears Sai’s voice. Sai repeats the virtues of a Brahmin. A Brahmin is forgiving. How can he think of taking revenge? How can he think ill of someone? Learn to accept the virtues of being a Brahmin first before becoming one. An egoistic person can never be a Brahmin. Pundit ji realises that that Fakir was right. They are his words. He starts running.

Bheema and Subhadra kneel down in front of Sai. Bheema says I thought to offer this bhog to Pundit ji today. Pundit ji walked out in a huff. I offer this food to you with the hope that my parents will be at peace. Bheema look at the plates and are stunned. He sees his parents sitting there and looks at Sai in wonder.

Precap: Bela is playing with the kids. Durpada tells her husband that Bela and her disease are growing. Please ask your God to fix her condition. Bela feels dizzy while playing. Sai is walking around looking tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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