Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd October 2020

The Episode starts with Riddhima holding Vansh’s hand. Dil ye tere bina….plays… They lie to sleep. They think of their moments. She sleeps. Vansh looks at her and says good night. He thinks what happened to her, she looks scared since she came from the pool side, is there something she is hiding. Its morning, Kabir says I will go, my work got over. Riddhima looks at him and recalls him. Dadi asks Devraj to have breakfast and go. Kabir says I won’t refuse to you. She asks him to come. Dadi says Riddhima loves Vansh a lot. Kabir says yes, if life partner is like Riddhima then life gets easy, Vansh is a lucky man, not everyone has such luck. Dadi asks him to sit. She goes to get breakfast for him. Kabir says I m going, you remember why you are here, its good if mission completes and Vansh gets punished, okay. Riddhima says real culprit will get punished, it maybe anyone.

He says Vansh is the culprit, we have to bring out his crimes, once he is punished, we will be together. He holds her hand and says you will get decked up just for me. She sees Dadi around and worries. He gets away. Riddhima says I will give this to Vansh and come. Kabir thinks I want proof against Vansh at any cost, you will get it for me. She goes. She hears Kabir’s voice playing on the video. She enters the room. She gets shocked seeing the phone. Vansh comes. He says I didn’t hear anything well, maybe water went in my ears, even if ears don’t work for some time, none can be unknown to me, because I can feel anything. Riddhima gets tensed. He says whatever happened at pool area, everything is recorded, you have done it. She recalls asking for Vansh’s phone to click pic of the paper boat. She worries thinking everything got recorded. He says the night was special, we both were not in senses, so I forgot my phone there, servant gave me the phone in the morning. Riddhima thinks Vansh can’t know Kabir and my truth.

He says relax, you get tensed for every matter. He drinks the tea and says nice, I can handle family and business, its tough to handle drunk Riddhima. She asks did you see the entire video. He says no, I went to take a shower, this phone has beautiful memories, I think we should see this video together. He makes her sit. He plays the video and smiles. She stops the video and says you said you have imp work, we will watch it later. He says its fine. He plays it again. He gets a call. She thinks Kabir will be coming in this video, what to do, I have to delete this video from Vansh’s phone. He says perfect, meeting got postponed, now we can see this video. She says you get ready, I will get other blazer for you, wear this, this will look better. He says its not ironed. She says I will do it. He says what’s the need. She says you have coffee, I will do it.

She thinks I have to send Vansh away from phone. She screams. He goes to see her hand. He says wait, I will get medicine. He applies the cream. She thinks Vansh cares for my little wound. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… Dadi comes and says sorry, I should have knocked and come. Vansh says tell me, is there any work, I m not busy. Dadi asks him to come. He takes his coat and goes. Riddhima goes to delete the video. He says I forgot my phone, I will just get it. Ishani comes and takes phone from her. She asks what are you doing with Vansh’s phone. Dadi says let it be, see this, you gifted this to me, we have many memories in it, its not starting. He says don’t worry, it will start. Vansh says I will fix it, lets revive your birthday memories. Ishani says Vansh doesn’t like to see his phone in anyone’s hands. Riddhima sees the video on the screen. Ishani says I know you went close to Vansh, his hatred is better than his love, don’t forget, if you try to cheat him, he will forget his love and bury you in the ground. Riddhima takes the phone and says I will give it to Vansh. Ishani twists her hand and says I have to settle the scores, I will tell Vansh. They fight for the phone. Ishani goes away. Riddhima thinks if Vansh sees the video, he will know Kabir and my truth.


Update Credit to: Amena

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