Barister Babu 1st October 2020

The Episode starts with Mami getting rude towards Bondita and shouts on her. She explains the meaning of an abandoned woman. Sumati and Bondita cry. Mami says such a woman has no respect in the society. Mami asks Bondita to go back to Anirudh and get all the answers. She says the woman gets blamed always, if her husband leaves her. Bondita cries and says no one gives me answers here. Mami says she has gone mad to talk to a lemon. Bondita says yes, Anirudh said we can talk to a lemon. Anirudh gets a headache. He sees Bondita there and talks to her. He says lemon is sour, it doesn’t think to change if a man or woman eats it. She asks does lemon talk. He says yes, tell this story to everyone if anyone asks. She laughs. He laughs. Bihari comes and says you were missing Bondita’s memories and laughing, right. Anirudh says yes, I just ended all her memories. Bihari says Saudamini’s dad has come, the matter is tense, be careful. Anirudh worries for Bondita. Rishta tera mera…..plays….

A courtesan comes to the village. She drinks water. The ladies scold her and snatch the water from her. The lady asks for water. She asks someone else to give her water. No one listens to her. She gets thirsty. The man scolds her. The lady asks is there no one to pity me and give me water. Bondita gets a glass of water for her. The lady drinks the water. She says you are so young, when the villagers called me by bad name, why did you give me water. Bondita asks what does it mean. The lady says just think its different. The man scolds Anirudh for staying with Saudamini in the same room, its wrong. Anirudh says I fell asleep, but nothing happened between us, that panchayat comes to haveli, I think you have imp work, I will tell you what you should go.

The man says you forgot your values, a young guy and a young girl can stay in a room, when they are married, you have done a sin, you have to repent for this sin. Sampoorna looks on. Bondita says my husband taught me, when the river, this air doesn’t differentiate in people, why shall we do, when trees, shadow, sunlight, wind, its same for rich and poor. The lady says you are so young but you are much sensible. Bondita says its not my senses, Bondita is foolish, her husband made her sensible, he always protects me like Lord does, I regard him like Lord, he is my teacher also, he is very educated, he is a barrister. A boy throws cow dung at her and says she is an abandoned woman, her husband left her. Bondita shouts he didn’t leave me, he will come to protect me. She cries. The lady prays for Bondita.

Anirudh says I don’t agree, I m not wrong, I don’t know our country’s customs well, but my Kaka knows, Trilochan stayed here, you trust him right, we will ask him, if he tells that I did a mistake and I should marry Mini then I will think, if he tells something in my favor, then don’t come here again. The man says come. They all go to Trilochan’s room. Binoy says Trilochan doesn’t like Saudamini, Bondita is his bahu, he will not let Anirudh’s marriage happen with Saudamini. Trilochan says did bahu do the aarti, how is the smell coming. Bihari comes with aarti plate. He says you are not well, Bondita isn’t here, I called pandit for puja, sorry, I took her name by mistake. Mama asks Sumati not to worry, Anirudh will read the letter and come. He feels sorry to lie to her. He thinks I didn’t send the letter, I have done this for Sampoorna’s sake. Anirudh and everyone come. Anirudh says they want me to marry Sampoorna. Trilochan asks what, I have agreed to punish Bondita as she was wrong, she did a mistake, I won’t agree all the time. Bhaumik says Anirudh has spent the night with Saudamini. Trilochan gets shocked. Anirudh says nothing happened between us, I went to take care of her, I fell asleep, tell them not to make it a big issue. Trilochan looks at him.

Sumati asks Bondita why did you go out. Bondita asks why didn’t Anirudh think of this before leaving me, why didn’t anyone stop him, tell me, who made these rules for women, I want to meet them and ask why did they make rules different for men and women, why women don’t get equal rights as men, tell me. Sumati hugs her. They cry.

Mami comes and asks what’s happening, Bondita won’t fill stomach by talks, we have to go to market. Bondita asks why did you get clothes, are you going to Maayka. Mami says no, you have to go to river. Bondita says I will go and meet Anirudh, is he ready to see my face. Mami says I can’t send you there, no one would like to see your face, go and wash these clothes. Sumati asks how will she wash so many clothes. Mami taunts her. She says Bondita isn’t Roy chaudhary bahu now, she is an abandoned woman. Sumati asks Bondita to go and wash the clothes, don’t go anywhere else. Bondita washes the clothes. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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