Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th September 2020

Scene 1
Mayura cries. Omkar says don’t cry. He wipes her tears and says it’s okay. Mayura says I feel very bad. I am sorry sorry. Please forget what happened. Please don’t mind what my papa said. He really cares for me. He would nevery say it otherwise. Omkar says parents care for us that’s why they scold. They love us. He loves us, that’s why he was careful. Mayura hugs him. Omkar says in heart whoever tries to keep my Mayura away from me, I would keep them away from her.

Piyush says to Ashu I am sorry about what happened to Rinku and Monu. I will try my best to find out who did it. Ashu says okay I am leaving. Have to think about somethings. Ashu leaves. Piyush wonders who could do it. He says wedding video, it must have some clue. Piyush watches the video. His phone falls in the fishbowl. His phone stops working. Piyush tries cleaning it but it doesn’t work.

Scene 2
Dadi says to Omkar you shouldn’t have done this. You blamed Omkar? Thank God Mayura handled it. Surekha says do you want to ruin your own daughter’s house. Megha is already not happy. Please handle it now. Ashu says I will. He gets a call.

Scene 3
Mayura is getting ready. Surekha sends her voice note are you okay? Everything will be fine. Omkar hugs her and says if you smile everything will be fine. Mayura says we have to get ready. The rash is gone as well. He says it can never come back. Mayura says don’t you have any meeting or call? He says I will leave when you have you munh dikhai. Don’t want to leave you. The song pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gaya. Omkar kisses Mayura’s neck.

Omkar makes Mayura wear her jewelry. Omkar makes her wear chunri. He says you look so beautiful. Mayura coughs. Mayura says you’re getting late. He says I don’t mind. You can stop me. She says yes I am sangemarmar’s wife. He says yes I am also your husband, I have some right on you. He comes close to her. Mayura says I am so lucky to have you. He says I am luckier. Manjali asks Mayura to come downstairs. Mayura runs. Omkar hugs her and sets her chunri.

Scene 2
Mayura comes downstairs. A woman says no matter how beautiful girl is, she becomes a mess after some time. No beauty only duty. And once a child is born, everything is over. All beauty is gone. Omkar hears this.

Manjali brings Mayura. She takes off evil eye. Manjali says don’t do evil eye on my DIL. She’s so beautiful. A woman says she’s a fairy. Everyone praises her beauty. She says Manjali you look dim in front of her. Manjali says they’re praising you. Don’t worry. They are my friends.

Ashu comes. Manjali recalls she called and invited them. She says it would be fun to insult them and take revenge now. Manjali says come in. Meet your daughter and do the shagun. She gives sweets and says put them in the thaal. Can’t ask the servants to do that. Please go and put them in Mayura’s lap. Ashu is confused because there are all women.

Manjali makes Ashu fall. Mayura runs to him and says papa.. are you okay? When did you come? Manjali says bhai sahab. Omkar says are you okay? He says I am fine. Omkar says don’t cry Mayura he’s fine. Manjali says he.. Omkar says how did this happen ma? Mayua says he must have slipped it’s okay. Omkar says how did this happen ma? I am asking you something. Ashu says I am fine. Omkar says papa ji came and Mayura isn’t even happy.

Omkar says she’s worried and crying. Ashu says I came with sweets. It’s all okay. I came to apologize. Omkar says you don’t need to apologize. Mayura says Omkar said you did this in our tension. Manjali says I apologize to you. You came here and.. Ashu says don’t say that. It isn’t your mistake. It’s no one’s mistake. Ashu leaves. Omkar leaves as well. Manjali is in shock.

Mayura says to Manjali I am so sorry about what happened. Manjali says for the first time my son talked to me so loudly. Mayura says I am sorry. He got so mad at me. Manjali is upset. Manjali goes to her room. Mayura stands there upset.
Precap-Manjali cries in her room and says I was so insulted in one day. Mayura says I won’t let this happen. I have to unit this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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