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Saanjh determined to turn her friendship with Arjun into love in Sony’s Beyhadh

Sony Entertainment Television’s romantic thriller Beyhadh has become one of the most entertaining romantic thriller on Indian Television.

Maya’s obsession towards Arjun has crossed all boundaries. Right from trying to sabotage Saanjh’s relationship with Arjun to ensuring alone time with him – she is doing everything that is in her control to woo him.

On the other hand, Saanjh is determined to turn her friendship with Arjun into love. Amidst all this, Saanjh decides to follow Arjun to Mauritius. She also decides to come clean about her feelings towards Arjun.

However, Saanjh is in for a shock as she witnesses something brewing between Maya and Arjun.

Torn between his childhood friend – Saanjh and the one who is obsessed with him – Maya, what will Arjun do next? What step will Saanjh take to get back the Arjun that she knew?

Beyhadh is a Romantic thriller showcasing two different shades of love – one driven by obsession & the other by selflessness and purity. It is the story of Maya, Arjun and Saanjh.