I will always look back at Beintehaa as my starting point – Farhan Salaruddin – Beintehaa

Fortune Productions’ Beintehaa which airs on Colors is all set to bid adieu on 21st November. The show indeed gained immense popularity across the globe among all age groups.

Producer Farhan Salaruddin, who started off with his career as a producer with Beintehaa feels that the journey of Beintehaa has been a fantastic journey for him. As the show is going off-air, the fans of the show are bombarding him with requests to bring back Harshad (Harshad Arora) and Preetika (Preetika Rao) in a new show or a season 2 of Beintehaa.

We spoke to the mastermind behind Beintehaa, Farhan to know about his journey and about his upcoming projects in this chat with us…

How has the journey of Beintehaa been?

It’s been a fantastic. The show is ending now which is little painful but the journey has been fantastic nevertheless.

Was the journey challenging for you?

It has been a very challenging and exhausting one. Seema keeps telling me that in these 11 months, I have been so busy with Beintehaa that I just can’t think of anything else. Now, I am coming up with new concepts every second day and now she says, that how is it happening because I was busy with Beintehaa. I think it’s my way of expressing my love for Beintehaa.

What does Beintehaa means to you?

Beintehaa means everything to me. It’s a start for me; it’s been a fantastic journey. I will always look back at Beintehaa as my starting point. It’s been a fantastic starting point for me.

Speculations about the show going off air were doing the rounds for quite some time now. So, what measures were taken to sustain the show?

Honestly, we never played around the story of the show. Probably we should have done it for the TRPs and lots of people do all the time. I have been a writer for years and have seen stories going up and down for the sake of TRPs. For Beintehaa, on the contrary, we really stuck to the story. Beintehaa was about ‘Halala Nikaah’ even when fans kept saying that we don’t want Halala Nikaah but it was a promise we started with and we had to do it and complete that process of sticking to the storyline.

Somehow it didn’t work. The ironic thing is that the conceptual part didn’t work otherwise the show worked. It’s a bit of learning experience.

Along with getting good compliments, you also get bashed by a few fans as they were not satisfied with the track…

Initially I used to get little upset and hurt because at times they have got really aggressive and abusive cursing me and my family. Later, I think that it’s all because of their love for the show. Everybody has their own way of expressing it. So, this is how they are expressing their love for the show. They are extremely attached to ZaYa which is a big achievement for the show.

Taking into account the popularity of Beintehaa, are you planning to make a season 2 Beintehaa?

I would love to do a season 2 of Beintehaa. The channel would also love to do if it’s possible but it’s just a matter of time. If its suits everything then we will probably do it.

Finite series are in a trend these days? Will you make one?

Finite series is a fantastic space because you know where you are heading. You can script from start to finish and then you can start up with your project. I would love to work on finite series.

What else is in the pipeline?

We are working on a couple of things but I can’t reveal anything right now. I will make an announcement very soon but big thank you to all the fans for loving ZaYa so much, for making ZaYa their own and making me an outsider as if ZaYa belongs totally to them and I am being unjust to ZaYa and so on but I must say that it’s all their love for ZaYa. It’s a fantastic achievement. Today when I think for any show then it’s a pride and it’s actually very good that the fans are so attached to the characters. It’s very rare that the fans get so attached to the characters. I hope we can bring back ZaYa very soon.

We wish Farhaan all the best for his future endeavors!

Colors TV new serial ‘Beintehaa’ is produced by Farhan Salaruddin in association with Fortune Banners. The upcoming serial will introduce some fresh faces on TV screen.