Zohaib Siddiqui back on Shapath in a different avatar

The ‘Earth v/s Earth’ series on Life OK’s Shapath (Fireworks Productions) has been seeing some really interesting happenings with Muzzamik (Zuber Khan) sending some deadly species from outer space to kill earthlings.

And now in the coming episode, his final weapon will be a couple who will have the power to destroy the world. Zohaib Siddiqui, who was last seen in Ek Boond Ishq, will play the husband whereas rookie actor Kamya Pandey will play his wife.

The couple although powerful will be peaceful in nature and hence decline Muzzamik’s order. Feeling offended, the Super Villain will kidnap the girl and send her to Earth. Soon circumstances will lead to the death of the girl and not bearing the separation, her husband (Zohaib) will join the Supercops and fight against Muzzamik.

Shares a source, “Soon a maha war sequence will happen wherein the super cops will go to the future world with the help of Zohaib’s character. Also with Muzzamik taking over Earth, the super cops will have a hard time fighting him.”

Now Zohaib has been part of Shapath as a cop when the show started and now with him returning to the thick of things, it’s surely will be a nice visual treat for his fans

We tried reaching Zohaib but he was unavailable to comment.

The particular episode will air soon.

The story of Inspector Abhigyaan and Inspector Gautam who represent the brave new generation who believe in fighting against a flawed system.